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Fizzers Sweets

Everyone will remember pulling a pack of Fizzers out of their party bag and that's why they've become a well-loved favourite with various generations. These tangy and fizzy sweets come in small plastic rolls and are perfect for a quick sugar hit or sharing with friends. The various colours of the pack are different flavours such as strawberry, apples and cream soda, and the texture of Fizzers sweets actually depends on your climate.

Popular all around the globe, Fizzers are harder and crunchier when cold but when eaten in warmer climates, the sweets will soften to have a chewier and slightly less fizzy texture. However you enjoy your Fizzers, you can relive those childhood memories with the help of Retro Sweet. Available to buy in bulk with prices starting at just 99p for 100g, you'll be sent straight back to fond and youthful memories as soon as you feel that fizz on your tongue!

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  1. Fizzers Sweet Bags

    Fizzers Sweet Bag

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  2. Create Your Own Sweet Bouquet
  3. Fizzers Personalised Sweet Jar Label

    Fizzers Sweet Jar

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  4. Retro Sweet Tubes

    Personalised Sweet Tubes

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