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Sweets from the 80's

Caramac, Drumsticks, Refreshers, Kola Kubes, the list of tasty sweets from the 80’s could go on and on. Anyone who grew up in the 80’s remembers how sweets really came into their own during this decade. Experimental flavours, textures and packaging meant that, like the 80’s hairstyles, sweets were bigger than ever! 

Well the good news is that you no longer need to take a trip down memory lane to remember how awesome sweets from the 80’s were, and are easier to get than ever before. 

In recent years, 80’s fashions have come back and so with it, this popularity of sweets from the 80’s has gone through the roof. Children who weren’t lucky enough to grow up during the 80’s are experiencing the sweets that their parents used to enjoy, all washed down with a big dollop of nostalgia. 

One of the reasons for the massive increase in the popularity of 80’s sweets is the rise of the sweet shop. When the big supermarkets came to down, many small sweet shops couldn’t compete and virtually disappeared from towns. However, in the last few years we have realised what we were missing and new sweet shops are opening up all over the UK. Some of the best selling lines in these sweet shops are sweets from the 80’s and other retro type sweets. The colours, flavours and overall wow factor of 80’s sweets will never go out of fashion again! 

Sweets from the 80’s are also extremely popular with online customers. The whole range of 80’s sweets can be found online  - from Wham bars to fried eggs, you name it, they are selling it. There are some really interesting gift ideas on offer too. For example, a ‘Jar of the 80’s’. This is an enormous see through jar (just like the type behind the counter in sweet shops) packed to the brim with a mixture of 80’s favourites such as Drumsticks, cola bottles, Fruit Salads and Refreshers. These jars make excellent gifts for a variety of occasions, from thank you gifts to thirtieth birthdays. 

Some people love sweets from the 80’s so much that they incorporate them into their wedding! There are specialist companies online who create eye catching displays of retro 80’s sweets to form part of a wedding reception. Guests, of all ages, will be jumping with joy when they discover their favourites of yesteryear. 

Whether you are looking for sweets from the 80’s to satisfy your own craving, for a special gift or to add an extra zing to a party, the choice has never been better and although they might cost more than they did back in 1980, they are worth every penny. 


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