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Sweet Boxes

Sweet boxes are perfect gift solution for birthdays, Christmas or thank you presents. Why not enjoy your favourite sweet by the boxful!

Sweet boxes really come into their own during certain confectionary highlights during the year, for example Christmas, Easter or Halloween. The sheer number of sweets consumed at these times makes sweet boxes a really cost effective option. You can spend as little as ten pounds on a really substantial box of sweets that will leave you with ample supplies to hand out to trick or treaters, put into stockings or give as gifts. 

In recent years there has been a huge revival in retro sweets such as Wham bars, Drumsticks,  Refreshers and Love hearts and now more and more companies are selling sweet boxes containing all the favourites of yesteryear. A large box of retro sweets retails online for approximately thirteen pounds for 2.5 kilos. Sweet boxes are really great if you are organising an event where prizes are required.

So whether you are interested in sweet boxes containing a mixture of luxury chocolates, retro classics or a job lot of your favourite chocolate bar, it pays to shop around. Look online to see whether companies are offering deals and discounts for bulk buying or check out your local sweet shop to see if they have some unusual sweet boxes on offer. 


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