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Penny Sweets

What is your favourite penny sweet? There are so many to choose from: strawberry laces, foam shrimps, fried eggsFruit Salads, Blackjacks, astro belts, mushrooms to name but a few. The price might have gone up a bit but they’re still every bit as tasty! 

Penny sweets are popular with people of all ages but they have always been a big hit with children. Going to the sweet shop and putting together your own pic’ ‘n’ mix of penny sweets is something every child should experience.

You can also buy penny sweets online. Instead of picking them individually as you would in a sweet shop, online you can buy penny sweets, by weight, in a variety of different flavours and mix them up as you wish at home or simply enjoy a whole bag of your favourite. You can even buy the traditional, sweet shop style, stripy paper bags from online shops so you can make up your own little bags of penny sweets to share with others. Online penny sweets are very good value. You can expect to pay around two pounds for a 250g bag of penny sweets which works out a lot cheaper than buying them individually.

A penny sweets stall makes a popular attraction at any fete, party or charity fundraiser. If you are planning to do this you can buy large tubs of the most popular penny sweets such as cola bottles, laces, fried eggs and foam mushrooms, display them beautifully and sell them on for a small profit. 


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