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We love a national day here at Retro Sweet and look to celebrate as many of these super sweet occasions as possible, so today we’re turning our thoughts to our favourite childhood sweets, flying saucers, in celebration of World UFO Day.

The 2nd of July is a day that is reserved every year to talk all things Sci-Fi and UFOs but although we may have little to no knowledge on spaceships and aliens, we are the confectionary experts and we definitely know a thing or two about flying saucers.

We’re going to be taking a look at these old school sweets that are known and loved by all, so here’s everything you need to know:

When and Where Were Flying Saucers Invented?

It’s believed that flying saucer sweets first hit the market back in the 1950’s, so they’d been around for a fair few decades before they became an obsession for children in the 80’s.

It’s thought that the first batch of flying saucers was created by a communion wafers company known as Belgica based in Antwerp when they were experiencing a decline in the demand for their product, so they mixed things up and created what is now known as the flying saucer.

Fast forward to the modern day, flying saucers are now registered as a traditional product of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking portion of Belgium.

What Are Flying Saucers and How Are They Made?

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with flying saucers, allow us to introduce you to one of the most popular confectionaries for the last few decades.

They’re simple, seriously sweet and a little sour, flying saucers are colourful rice paper shells filled with tangy sherbet and it’s their simple nature that makes them a widely recognised favourite because no matter what kind of confectionary you’re into, you’re bound to take a liking to these.

Flying saucers are relatively easy and cheap for companies to make as they’re made using just two widely available components but they really are irresistible and we’re not surprised the world has become a little obsessed with them.

How Much Do the UK Love Flying Saucers?

Well, the answer to that question is the UK love flying saucers a lot and there are plenty of ways to prove that. Various surveys of UK residents have been conducted over the years, with flying saucers coming out on top on more than one occasion, one of these surveys being by The Times in 2009 that saw flying saucers take a strong 12th place in the UK’s top 20 sweets.

The Metro awarded flying saucers the title of ‘the best pick and mix sweet’ in their round up of the top 50, a pretty impressive accolade if you ask us. Slightly less loved by the team at Buzzfeed as they voted flying saucers the 15th best pick and mix sweet but out of all the confectionaries this country know and indulge on, we think 15th isn’t bad going.

Flying Saucers at Retro Sweet

No matter where the UK’s media rank these tangy treats in their confectionary hierarchies, we’re putting them at the top of our favourites and that’s why we’ve ensured there are plenty of ways for our customers to get their hands on them.

From 100g for 99p in a simple paper bag to personalised jars and tubes to retro sweet hampers that are made up of flying saucers and other fellow old school sweets, there are plenty of options for purchasing your flying saucer sweets from us.

If you grab some of these classic sweets from us, be sure to let us know if they take you on a trip down memory lane by getting in touch on Facebook or Instagram!