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As we’re sure many of you already know, the 7th of July is officially Chocolate Day and we don’t think you’ll find it surprising that this is a day we’re very excited about.

As much as we love fizzy sweets and fruity candies, we have a real soft spot for retro chocolates and seeing as this super sweet occasion is just around the corner, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite old school chocolate treats that are perfect for indulging on during this special day!

White Chocolate Fish and Chips

A well-loved classic by adults that were kids of the 80s, white chocolate fish and chips truly are a retro chocolate that will never go out of style.

Plain and simple great tasting white chocolate in the fun shapes of fish and chips, when we asked our Facebook followers whether they preferred our chocolatey fish and chips or the classic takeaway from the seaside, the majority of you said you’d take the chocolate over the real deal any day and we totally agree.

Smooth, creamy and full of that flavour that takes you back to your childhood, there’s no better time to treat yourself to some chocolate fish and chips than on World Chocolate Day.

Milk Chocolate Tools

If you’re more of a fan of milk chocolate, then our chocolate tools are probably a favourite with you. Similar in style to the white chocolate fish and chips in the sense of being tasty chocolate in fun shapes, our milk chocolate tools are exactly what they say on the label, delicious and smooth milk chocolate in the shape of things you’d find in every toolbox.

Spanners, hammers and more, the shapes are just a bit of fun, it’s the taste of this chocolate that makes them a firm favourite with retro chocolate lovers. They’re simple and just what you need when you’re really craving chocolate, so what better occasion to treat yourself to some chocolate that is a little more special than your average bar than on World Chocolate Day?

White Chocolate Stars

If you want more than just plain and simple white chocolate for such a special occasion, why not go one step further and opt for some white chocolate stars? The more colourful and sugary relative to white chocolate fish and chips, white chocolate stars are the bigger and bolder version of what many of us know as ‘jazzies’. A thick star-shaped block of creamy white chocolate with one side coated in sweet and sugary colourful sprinkles, a match made in heaven that is bound to take your straight back to your childhood.

White chocolate stars should be saved for special occasions and we think a day dedicated to chocolate definitely qualifies as an event suitable for these.

Milk Chocolate Coins

Often saved for special occasions such as Christmas, chocolate coins have a special place in everyone’s hearts, no matter what your age and they’re always a real treat.

You might not have had them since the last time you had a Christmas stocking as a child but World Chocolate Day is just around the corner and we can’t think of a more suitable occasion to take yourself on a trip down memory lane.

Creamy milk chocolate encased in gold shiny foil, peel away the packaging and dig into chocolate that will definitely satisfy your craving for a sweet treat!

We can’t wait for this super sweet occasion and have all our favourite retro chocolates at the ready to help us celebrate!

What chocolate will you be indulging on to mark the occasion? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!