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We love our celebration days here at Retro Sweet, especially when they’re as tasty as White Chocolate Day! The 22nd September is officially White Chocolate Day which means we’re going to be talking all about this super sweet treat and picking out our top retro treats to enjoy for this special occasion!

History of White Chocolate

It’s believed that white chocolate was first created in around the 1930’s, originally launched by Nestle in Switzerland. White chocolate is made with slightly different ingredients to other kinds of chocolate as instead of containing cocoa beans or cocoa bean solids, it is made using cocoa butter and is thought to have been developed as a way to use up excess cocoa butter that was not needed for other kinds of chocolate.

The ingredients in most basic white chocolates are cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids but other ingredients also sometimes include salt and vanilla.

The Nation’s Favourite White Chocolate

Chocolate is a real talking point here in the UK, we just love it! We did some research into what people have been saying online when it comes to which white chocolate takes the top spot and it’s fair to say that there’s a bit of competition for the title of number one white chocolate!

When Country File ranked their top choc bars, a premium white chocolate bar by Dormouse Chocolates came out on top, closely followed by a fruity white chocolate by Paxton Chocolate!

The Metro put 38 chocolate bars through their paces and although the humble Milky Bar came quite low in their rankings, it was the only white chocolate bar to make the cut, clearly demonstrating that this childhood classic white chocolate bar is a top choice for a lot of us.

In celebration of World Chocolate Day, the Telegraph showed off their top 15 chocolate bars and they clearly have a taste for the pricier white chocolates. Chocolat Madagascar’s white choc came in at number 15, the only chocolate of this type to make it into their official list. 

There’s a lot of white chocolate out there to choose from and it appears we’ve all got different preferences but us here at Retro Sweet? We like our white chocolate old school…

White Chocolate at Retro Sweet

If you thought we were just about the fruity and fizzy sweets, you’re wrong because we love retro chocolate too and today we’re going to be introducing you to our two favourite white chocolate treats from back in the day.

White Chocolate Fish and Chips

We appreciate that the concept of white chocolate fish and chips is a strange one and we’re not actually sure where the idea came from but we’re certainly pleased that somebody decided to invent them.

They’re exactly what they say on the tin – white chocolate in the shape of fish and chips but this is white chocolate like no other! The white chocolate used to make these sweet fish and chips is the creamiest, tastiest chocolate you’ll ever try, hence it’s loved by so many adults that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.

White Chocolate Stars

Kind of like a more exciting snowie, white chocolate stars are thick star-shaped pieces of creamy white chocolate, one side covered in colourful sugar sprinkles, not only giving these chocolate treats a pretty appearance but a super sweet taste too.

In our opinion, everything about white chocolate stars is better than your classic snowie, or white jazzie as they’re also known because they’re bigger, thicker and there’s just more chocolate, what else could you want?

White Chocolate From Our Childhood

Although we stock quite a lot of retro sweets, there are some retro chocolates we don’t have on sale and that’s because they’re simply not in production anymore, so we couldn’t talk all things white chocolate without giving a nod to a few sweet white treats that are no longer on our shelves.

From Cadbury’s Snow Flakes (or ‘Flake Snow’ as they later changed the name to), white chocolate Maltesers, MilkyBar Choo all the way to the classic Cadbury’s Dream bar, it would appear that for some of the biggest chocolate makers in the business, their white chocolate launches just didn’t stand the test of time and that’s something we’re pretty sad about!

So, how will you be celebrating White Chocolate Day? Will you be opting for a white chocolate hot chocolate whilst you watch TV tonight? Baking up some blondies (the white chocolate version of a brownie)? Or simply tucking into a classic bar of white choc?

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