We all joke about someone having a sweet tooth when they eat a lot of sweets and chocolate, but have you ever thought that having a sweet tooth might be a real condition? People across the world can’t help but reach for their favourite sweets when they get a sugar craving, but there might actually be a bit of science behind it!

At Retro Sweet we love everything sweet and we dug up some real experiments that have revealed a sweet tooth might be something you’ve had since you were born! See what you make of the results.

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Sweet tooth may be genetic

A study in Philadelphia wanted to find out if genes affected how much you enjoyed the taste of something sweet. They took 243 pairs of identical twins, 452 pairs of fraternal twins and 511 individuals and used 4 different types of sugar, both natural and synthetic, to make their decision.

Scientists discovered that genetic factors account for approximately 30% of variation in sweetness from person to person! This means some people do have a preference for sugar, or sweet food in general, and is not something they can control.

You’ll have to remember this one next time someone tells you to stop eating your favourite sweets!

Are you nicer if you eat sweets?

Scientists across different locations in America wanted to find out if you were nicer if you ate sweet things. They conducted 5 studies, all of which showed that those who ate sweet chocolate were more likely to volunteer to help someone in need!

Sweet-eaters were also found to be more agreeable than those who chose to eat other types of food, such as crackers. This may be down to the fact that the brain actually requires glucose (sugar) to function… In other words, without your sugar fix your brain will struggle to work!

You need sweets to grow!

Other studies have also proved a correlation between sugar intake and development in kids (in a healthy way of course). Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia tested 108 children and found that those who preferred sweet snacks over salty tended to be tall for their age! It may also be that children’s sugar cravings are heightened during growth spurts.

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