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We’re lovers of all sweets here at Retro Sweet but we specialise in two different kinds of confectionery and they’re traditional sweets and retro candy but what’s the difference?

As the UK’s largest online sweet shop, we have a selection of over 50 different classic sweets to choose from, some of which we consider to be traditional and others are more retro and today we’re going to be explaining the difference and sharing with you some of our best sellers from each category.

Traditional Sweets

One of the dictionary definitions of the word ‘traditional’ is ‘long-established’ which explains why our selection of traditional sweets is full of the confectionery that has been around for decades, many of which were first introduced in the early 1900’s.

The majority of our ‘traditional’ sweets are boiled sweets as these are the most classic kind of sweets when the confectionery industry first began as they’re very simple to make but over the years, many of these sweets have really stood the test of time.

As well as hard-boiled sweets, there’s also a selection of sweets in our collection of traditional sweet jars that have a chewy texture but are equally as old school.

Some of our best-selling and most popular traditional sweets include jelly babies, sherbet lemons, butterscotch, mint humbugs and rhubarb & custards.

Retro Sweets

Moving on to retro sweets, the dictionary definition for retro is “imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past” which perfectly explains why our retro sweets are some of the brightest and most colourful sweets available to buy, much like the fashion sense of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s which is when these sweets come from.  

Not necessarily sweets that were introduced during these more recent decades but confectionery that was seriously popular during these times and now people who grew up during these decades have fond memories of enjoying these treats during their childhoods.

Our selection of retro sweet jars is bursting with the most fun and vibrant sweets available on the market, including some of the most popular treats such as flying saucers, candy sticks, foam bananas and more!

Whether you favour traditional or retro sweets, you’ve come to the right place to stock up on them. The majority of the sweets we sell are available to buy in 100g bags, bouquets and jars as well as in our selection of retro sweet hampers.

And as if that wasn’t good enough, a lot of our traditional and retro sweet products can be personalised with a name and message of your choice which makes Retro Sweet the perfect place to pick up a sweet gift for a friend or family member or even a tasty treat for yourself.

So, would you say you’re a traditional sweet fan or more of a retro sweet lover? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram which is your preference!