We all love a good throwback, and what time period better to throwback to than the 80’s?

The decade that brought us great films including E.T the Extra Terrestrial, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Ghostbusters AND The Goonies. So, whilst you are settling down with films that will give you a nostalgic throwback to your childhood, we can’t think of any other way to do this with than with a bunch of our favourite 80’s sweets!

Take a look at our top eight 80’s sweets:


8.    Aniseed Twists

With a distinctive, refreshing taste; we certainly know that aniseed isn’t to everyone’s taste, but for those that do enjoy it, they are the perfect addition to any pic’n’mix style bag of sweets. They dissolve slowly in the mouth, and as they are packed full of flavour they really are a taste sensation, making them a must have entry in our favourite sweet treats from the 80’s.


7.    Drumstick Lollies

Who could ever forget the Drumstick Lollies? A chewy, fruity and creamy favourite amongst everyone, these are just as tasty now as they were back in the 80’s, giving you a real blast from the past!


6.    Wham Bar

Another chewy favourite, the Wham Bar had to make it into our top 8! At their peak they were being bought at a rate of nearly £30million a year. They were certainly a hit with both children and adults alike in the 80’s.


5.    Popping Candy

Popping Candy was a favourite with the kids of the 80’s, they sprinkled some popping candy on their tongue and let a flavour filled party start in their mouths! Throwback to your childhood with these must have additions to your sweet bags!


4.    Refreshers

These little chews are a great addition to any sweet bag. These sweet chews offer a great flavour and have a bit extra with a little bit of sherbet in the middle to really entice those taste buds.


3.    Black Jack Chews

Another aniseed flavoured favourite, Black Jack chews are timeless and have been adored for generations, meaning we just had to include them in our favourite eighties sweets! These will give you a true throwback to your childhood AND to the 80’s.


2.    Parma Violets

These violet infused sweet treat favourites offer something for everyone, with wrapping designed specially for children and a flavour that appeals to everyone. With a gentle, yet long lasting taste, these certainly are a sweet to be enjoyed for a long time to come.


1.    Sherbet Fountain

We could never forget about this one, it’s the sweet that everyone remembers with the iconic yellow packaging and the liquorice stick in the middle of a sherbet filling, just waiting for you to taste. Therefore, of course it is our number one!

Do you agree with our top 8? What’s your favourite Retro Sweet? Take a look at our entire collection and make your selection today.