Top 10 Sweets from the 80s

The 80’s is a decade that has gone down in history for many different reasons. From the vibrant fashion sense to the iconic music artists of the era, the 1980’s has remained iconic for being a fun and colourful few years and in our opinion, a tasty one too!

We’re the home of 80’s sweets here at Retro Sweet and we think that this decade will forever be known as one of the best times in history for sweet treats and confectionaries. As much as we love all sweets the same, we’re going to be narrowing down our top 10 sweets that were either released in the 80’s or are infamous for being a favourite from the era.

In no particular order, our top 10 80’s sweets are as follows:

Flying Saucers

Hated by some but loved by many, Flying Saucers may divide opinions but according to multiple surveys, they remain one of the nation’s favourite sweets.

First invented in the 1950’s, Flying Saucers were a pick and mix go-to in the 80’s and have remained that way ever since. Tangy sherbet encased in colourful rice paper shells, Flying Saucers are a simple sweet that packs a big punch of flavour.

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Another pick ‘n’ mix bestseller, the fizzy cola bottle is a tangy treat that many children of the 80’s will associate with their childhood. The upgraded version of the classic gummy cola bottle, the fizzy version has a sour twist that every child of this era grew up loving.

Made by many different manufacturers throughout the years, each one with their own unique size, shape and texture, it’s the iconic taste of the fizzy cola bottle that has helped in entering our top 10.

Black Jacks

A real celebrity from the sweet world of the 80’s, Black Jacks have been in production since the 1920’s but the aniseed-flavoured chewy sweet became a favourite in the ‘penny sweet’ section during this decade.

Black Jacks went through a packaging rebrand in the late 80’s after the ‘gollywog’ that was being used as the brand’s image was deemed socially unacceptable. The sweet has gone through further packaging makeovers since but the flavourful chewy sweet has not changed in taste.

Fruit Salad

The fruity flavoured sibling to the Black Jack, Fruit Salad sweets were made by the same manufacturer but with a sweet and fruity flavour and showcasing a bright orange and pink colour.

Fruit Salads were often preferred by younger children who couldn’t stomach the fragrant taste of aniseed but we think its fair to say that every child of this era has a soft spot for a Fruit Salad.

Dolly Mixture

An option that has something to suit everyone, we had to include Dolly Mixtures in our top 10 sweets from the 80’s. Whether you preferred the jelly sweets or the fondant shapes, whichever colour was your favourite, there’s something in Dolly Mixture to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

The ideal choice for the 80’s child who couldn’t decide on just one sweet, Dolly Mixture keeps your options open and was a strategic and tasty choice for every kid of this decade.

Flying Saucers to Dolly Mixture

Love Hearts

Invented back in 1954, Swizzels’ Love Hearts have remained an iconic retro candy with kids of all ages and we think its fair to say that they were very well loved in the 80’s.

Whether you enjoyed them alone or dropped subtle messages to a potential partner by giving them a specifically selected Love Heart, these sweets were a classic to pick up from the corner shop!

Jelly Babies

Manufactured by Bassetts since 1918, Jelly Babies have been an iconic sweet for a century now but we think they particularly stand out as a sweet of the 80’s.

An option that was perfect for sharing, everyone has (and still does have) their favourite coloured jelly baby that is bound to be the first to disappear out the bag!

Rainbow Drops

On the market since before World War II, Rainbow Drops are made by Swizzels and used to be sold loose in paper cups before they were bagged up and sold on the shelves years later.

These colourful puffs are made from rice and maize and as well as being a tasty treat that takes everyone back to their childhood, they’re also a low calories snack which means you can indulge on sweets from your past without feeling guilty.

Wham Bars

A confectionary that was actually invented in the 80’s, Wham Bars have always been an affordable treat for children with a seriously sweet tooth.

The chewy sherbet filled bars come in a variety of flavours from the original raspberry to cola, Irn Bru flavour to super sour versions, the Wham Bar has always been the go-to for kids wanting a quick sugar hit.

Sherbet Fountains

A unique combination of liquorice and sherbet that has been on the market since 1925, the sherbet foundation is a creation by Barratts and was a real favourite with the children of the 80’s with a soft spot for sherbet.

The perfect mixture of tangy sherbet and fragrant liquorice, the sherbet foundation is and always has been a confectionary like no other and that’s why we’re including it in our top 10 sweets from the 80’s.

Love Hearts to Sherbet Fountains

It was a real challenge picking just 10 sweets that we love from this era because after all, we are the home of 80’s sweets but we hope you’ve found it interesting to learn a little more about some of the best-sellers from this decade!

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