Favourite Fruit Sweets

Whether you’re a fan of fruit or not, everyone loves fruit sweets because let’s be honest, what isn’t to love?

The world of retro sweets has plenty to offer when it comes to fruit flavoured sweets, covering every kind of fruity taste. Berries to citrus, super sweet to seriously sour, whatever kind of fruit jelly sweets you’re after, we can guarantee we’ve got them.

Seeing as summer is here now and we’re loving all things fruity and refreshing in this warm weather, we’re going to be sharing with you our top 10 chewy fruit sweets and boiled fruit sweets that are perfect for satisfying your fruity sweet craving!

Fizzy Strawberries

Strawberry flavouring just seems to work for all foods and drinks. Cocktails, ice cream, milkshakes and of course, sweets. It’s refreshing, it’s moreish and it’s best served in the form of fizzy strawberry sweets in our opinion.

A favourite with all ages and the perfect middle ground between sweet and sour, fizzy strawberries are a real treat all year round but taste even better when enjoyed relaxing under the sun!

Foam Bananas

Whether you’re a lover or a hater of real bananas, foam bananas are loved by all. A soft and chewy foam sweet with a strong banana flavour, they’re cute and they’re seriously tasty.

Double Cherries

Cherry sweets are the definition of delicious and that’s official. Double cherry sweets have been around for years and enjoyed by all ages throughout the generations and it’s no surprise why.

A classic gummy sweet in the shape of a cherry with a strong fruity flavour to match, we think it’s impossible to resist when offered a double cherry sweet.

Fruit Salads

Arguably the king of all fruit-flavoured sweets, fruit salads are seriously retro yet they don’t get any less tasty as the years go by!

A combination of pineapple and raspberry comes together in a small chewy sweet to create a taste that simply can not be compared or perhaps beaten by any other!

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

Often forgotten about in the world of fruity sweets due to being a close relative to the cola bottles but fizzy cherry bottles pack a real punch of fruit flavour and we think they deserve a place in our top 10.

A perfect cross of cola and cherry flavour paired with plenty of fizzy sugar, we’d argue that cherry cola bottles are one of the best bottle sweets on the market, anyone else agree?

Sherbet Lemons

Moving our attention from chewy treats to some of the best fruity boiled sweets, sherbet lemons may be majorly old school but they are still seriously good.

A perfect cross between tart lemon flavour and sharp sherbet, no car journey is complete without a bag of lemon sherbets in tow!

Pear Drops

Another fruity flavoured boiled sweet that deserves some recognition, pear drops have been around for so long that they often get forgotten about and we want to put a stop that.

Pear drops are the perfect subtle fruit flavour captured in a conveniently sized boiled sweet, making them easy to enjoy on all occasions.

Pineapple Cubes

A slightly more tropical flavour than some of the other sweets in our top 10, pineapple cubes have a super summery taste and are the ultimate boiled sweet for enjoying under the sun!

Rosy Apples

Apple flavoured sweets are simply amazing. They’re sweet, a little sharp and seriously easy to enjoy, hence we just can’t get enough of them.

Although there are fizzy apple flavoured sweets on the market we enjoy, it had to be rosy apples that made it into our top picks as they truly can be enjoyed by all.

Fizzy Fruit Flavour Lollies

We’ve talked chewy sweets and boiled candy but we can’t discuss fruity sweets without including some lollipops that are ideal for when you want some fruity flavour that will last a little longer.

What more could you want in a lolly than plenty of fizz and fruit flavouring? Nothing is the answer as that is truly the perfect combination, hence our fizzy and fruity lollies are stealing the last spot in our top 10!

We’re sure if you’re a fruity sweet fan that your mouth is going to be drooling now, so why not treat yourself to a sweetie tube filled with your favourite fruit flavoured candy? Our retro sweet tubes can be personalised and filled with any sweet of your choice, so create your very own filled with your favourite sweet treats!

Do you think there’s a seriously good retro fruity sweet missing off our list? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!