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If you’ve not yet treated yourself to one of our sweet hampers or been lucky enough to receive one as a gift then you might not know that each and every one of our sweet hampers come packed in a vintage style wicker basket with leather-style fabric details.

These wicker baskets are great quality but as well as being the perfect way to ship and store a selection of sweets, they are also versatile and multi-functional for use in all different kinds of ways and we’re going to be sharing with you 10 things to do with your hamper basket once you’ve finished all your sweets!

Pack Up a Gift

You may have received your sweet hamper as a present, so you’ll understand just how great these baskets are for presenting gifts, so why not use it to pack up another gift for someone else?

Whether you’re doing a DIY sweet basket, a general food hamper or want to pack up lots of little different kinds of items, these wicker baskets are the perfect size for creating your very own hampers to gift friends or family.

Store Bits and Bobs

Can never find your keys? Forever losing your gloves? We’ve all got those bits and bobs lying around the house that don’t have a home, so set your basket up by the front door and use it as a place to give all those easy to lose items a new place to live!

DIY Flower Pot

Basket style plant pots can be pricey, so now you’ve got a wicker basket spare, why not make your own? Your basket is better for indoor use, so perhaps fill with fake plants and flowers or take a look online for how to create a DIY indoor planter!

Make a Feature Out of It

Wicker baskets have been really popular for use in homes as an interior design feature for years, so stacking it up with some magazine and house plants could make for a great spot in your home.

Wicker baskets can come at a fair price to buy from homeware shops, so what better way to get the look for less!

DVD or Book Storage

If you haven’t got a big enough book or DVD collection to justify a designated piece of furniture to store them in but want a place to store them all nicely, so you can easily look through, the wicker basket could work well.

As well as looking great on display in your living space or bedroom, it’s practical too.

New Toy for the Kids

If you’ve got little ones in the house then you’ll know that no matter how many big brand toys you buy them, they love being given household items to play with and make part of their games, so this wicker basket is bound to make their day.

A treasure chest, a suitcase, a shopping basket, their imaginations will run wild with things they can do with their new basket and when they’re in bed at the end of the day, you can pack small toys away in it to give it another use!

Keep All the Dog’s Toys in One Place

If you don’t have children or they have no need for it but you’ve got a canine companion then a perfect use for your wicker basket is to store their toys! The perfect place to pack away all those chewed up toys that get found around the house, you can keep the lid open when they’re playing and shut it down when you want to tidy everything away and relax!

Toiletries Basket

If you want to tidy and reorganise the toiletries in your bathroom, so they’re all neatly stored in one place, your wicker basket is the perfect option.

Ideal for creating a stylish and practical storage space, you can fill the basket with all your products and know exactly where to find everything when you need it.

Store Photographs and Prized Possessions

Every household has special photographs and belongings that deserve a safe place, so why not use your wicker basket to create a designated area where all these prized possessions can be kept.

A secure place to store important things thanks to the buckled fastenings which will keep them safe, as well as being far more special than a plastic tub or old shoe box, the wicker basket can help make a real feature of your most precious belongings.

Fill it with More Sweets

Probably the best option because more sweets is always a great idea, why not keep your wicker basket stocked with sweets as a special spot to grab a treat whenever you’re in need of one!

After you’ve finished enjoying the sweets it came packed with, you can start re-filling it with the treats you love and make a real feature of your love for all things sweet!

A basket full of sweets you love and then endless options of things to use the wicker basket for afterwards, our sweet hampers truly are the gifts that keep on giving!

Take a look at our selection of sweet hampers and pick the one that is a perfect treat for you or the ideal gift for a loved one and you’ll receive your sweets, wicker basket and even added personalisation for free if you’re gifting to someone special!

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