Worlds Largest Sweet Hamper Header

We’re confident in saying that if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that food is generally better when supersized.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, if you love a certain kind of food then a bigger version is undoubtedly going to be better which is why we’re pleased to introduce you to one of our greatest creations yet – the world’s largest sweet hamper.

Yep, we’re not joking. These 25kg+ sweet hampers genuinely are the largest in the world and if we’re going to get picky with our words, calling it a hamper is actually inaccurate as the basket is so big, it’s technically a trunk!

The concept for this monster of a sweet basket came from our sheer love of retro sweets and the popularity of our regular sized sweet hampers and we decided that as our customers seemed to love old school sweeties as much as us, no one would complain if we super-sized things and made this XL sweet hamper available to the public!

You’re probably intrigued to know more, so allow us to give you the low down on the largest sweet hamper in not just the UK but the world!

The Specifics

So, how big does a sweet hamper have to be to be crowned the world’s biggest? The answer to that is over 25kg because that’s how much this sweet hamper weighs.

Housed inside a wicker basket with leather-look straps, this trunk sized basket of sweets is so large it has to be delivered on a pallet, so if you’re planning on ordering one, be sure you’ll be home for the delivery as you won’t want this left on your doorstep.

As for the contents, there are over 60 different retro sweets inside and as for the quantity of individual sweets, we couldn’t possibly provide you with the specific number but we can confirm there are THOUSANDS of individual sweets inside, so needless to say you’ll be working on finishing this lot for a good long while!

The world’s biggest sweet hamper is suitable for customers aged 8+, not just because of the confectionery inside but also because the hamper itself is pretty much bigger than most children aged under 8!

And the final detail you’ll all be wanting to know, the price… the world’s largest sweet hamper retails for £300 at Retro Sweet which when you consider the quality reusable wicker basket and volume of sweets you’re getting, this really is a value for money purchase!

The Contents

There are A LOT of sweets inside this basket and listing each variety would take an awfully long time, so to just mention a small selection of what you can expect to find inside the world’s largest sweet hamper, there’s:

-          Cola Bottles

-          Fried Eggs

-          Jelly Babies

-          Jelly Beans

-          Kola Cubes

-          Liquorice Wheels

-          Love Hearts

-          Rainbow Drops

-          Rhubarb and Custards

-          Sweet Peanuts

-          Vanilla Fudge

-          Wine Gums

And so the list continues! Housed inside this monstrously large basket are all the classics and even some more obscure sweets from back in the day, so whatever your tastes, there’ll be plenty to keep you happy in here!


As if a hamper of sweets big enough to house a small child wasn’t fun enough, you can also personalise this sweet hamper with a name and message of your choice for free, making it the perfect gift or ultimate centre-piece for a party!

Personalisation, however, is optional, so if you want to keep things simple and share this hamper with the whole family then you can opt out of adding a name and message but if you want to claim it as your own or give a present to remember, then adding a personalised element is the way to go!

So, that’s everything you could possibly want to know about this one of a kind sweet hamper that is actually the biggest available in the world!

Order yours today to see this incredible selection of sweet treats for yourself!