Summer is well and truly upon us; the kids have broken up from school for summer and the sun is just about poking its head out of the clouds to bring us some good weather for the holidays! Whatever you have planned for the summer holidays, you’ve got to make sure you stock up on some sweet treats to keep the kids (and you) going through those long summer days.

Here, we run through the perfect retro sweets for summer, keep reading to find out more. 

Strawberries & Cream

The staple of any British summer is of course the classic strawberries and cream, and just because Wimbledon has finished doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy this great taste throughout the rest of the season. 

Strawberry and cream sweets from Retro Sweet are the perfect alternative to the real thing, giving you the same refreshing taste in a sweet! Why not create your own sweet bouquet and include these as something different for summer?

Fruit Salads

Infused with pineapple and raspberry flavours, these chews are the perfect fruity sweets that will evoke nostalgia for you and leave your mouth watering for more this summer! Fruit Salads are the perfect sweet to enjoy throughout the summer, with the great taste giving you the best combination for a summery treat on a hot day! 

Kola Kubes

The only hard boiled sweet you need this summer! With a hard, sugary outer shell that reveals tangy sherbet and a tangy, sherbet filled chewy centre brings Kola Kubes to the top of the list of sweets you need to put in your mix this summer, perfect for long road trips!


The perfect sweet to make you are, well, refreshed this summer! See what we did there? Refresher chews from Retro Sweet can be a great addition to your pic ‘n’ mix bag, or even if you’re going one step further and looking to purchase a Retro Sweet Hamper to get you through the holidays. 

Rainbow Drops

Coming in all of the colours of the rainbow, these sugar-coated puffed maize Retro Sweet treats are like having summer in a bag! With all of the bright colours AND a great taste, you can’t go wrong with Rainbow Drops!

Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one, or simply looking for a collection of sweets to keep you going this summer, shop our selection today!