Corporate events can consist of a variation of functions, from a conference to a charity auction or product launch. It is a great way to bring together employees, business partners and clients both present and future. It can be tough sometimes to make these events extra special and make your business stand out in the minds of the guests, but here at Retro Sweet we’ve got the answer!

Events would normally have some form of refreshments, whether they are canape-style snacks or a sit down dinner. But why not do something a little bit different this time around? Retro sweets will appeal to the masses, whether you have a sweet tooth or not. If anything it creates a talking point for your guests as they recognise a variation of sweets from years gone by.

Sweeten up your guests

There is no limit to the demographic when it comes to nostalgic sweets; everyone will have something to say, such as retelling anecdotes from eating sweets as a child or a parent introducing their kids to the sweets that were around years ago.

You could incorporate sweets into your event seamlessly; either as a replacement for the typical canape option, or you could arrange sweet boxes for the guests to take away with them. You can bet sweets have either never been used at an event or haven’t been used effectively; giving your event an exciting edge.

 retro sweet box

Token of appreciation

Providing something different and intriguing, such as traditional or retro sweets, can be a way of thanking your guests and showing some appreciation for their attendance; even a small gesture will be noticed and will probably have people talking about your event long after it has ended.

There are endless options when it comes to confectionery, whether you wish to put together traditional sweet jars or want to go for something original like sweet carts for your guests to go and help themselves throughout the evening.

Whatever you choose, here at Retro Sweet we have the sugary solution for you and can guarantee to wow your guests, both clients and colleagues alike.