When you are taking your business to an exhibition, whether it’s in the form of a trade show or a conference, the aim is always to promote your company or put forward a particular campaign. It can be tricky to think of an effective way to make your business stand out, especially if you are one of hundreds.

Often when you attend an exhibition you are trying to raise your brand awareness and the only way you will be successful with this is if you have a high number of people stopping by your stand.

Attract People With Something Different

A sure-fire way to ensure people remember you is to provide something different; exhibitions can sometimes be quite long and not always so exciting, so why not shake things up a bit?

Retro Sweet can add a new and dynamic element to your exhibition event and take you back in time, as well as adding a little bit of fun to the day. It’s a unique addition to your design, enabling you to attract more people than maybe you would normally.

Retro Sweet Box

Let The Sweets Do The Talking

Having a distinctive aspect such as retro sweets will probably spark conversation and perhaps forms of refreshments may not be so readily available at such events, making you stand out in more ways than one. Having a selection of nostalgic sweets could even add an entertaining element to the day. Retro sweets are not limited to children or even those who have a sweet tooth; even if you don’t like sweets you will surely still remember them from years ago!

Incorporating pick’n’mix will help people to spot you in a crowd; if they are walking past and taking sweets, they’ll be sure to look at who they are taking sweets from! The ways in which you use something like a sweetie jar are endless, whether you are encouraging people to buy something, sign up for something or just simply take notice.

 Retro Sweet Jar