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It’s a big debate and everyone has their own personal preference but which do you prefer – sweet or sour candy?

Some people are all about the fresh, fruity flavours whereas other people love the fizz and tang of a sour sweet, so we’ve decided to take a look at what some of our Retro Sweet Facebook fans have been saying and see which truly is the winner, sweet or sour.

We’re forever asking questions over on the Retro Sweet Facebook page, whether it be what’s your favourite sweet or when were fruit salads invented but we can tell a lot about our followers from their answers and it says a lot about whether we generally favour fruit or fizzy sweets.

Test 1: The Cola Bottle Debate

To fizz or not to fizz really is the question when it comes to the humble cola bottle and it’s a decision that splits the nation.

A true test as to whether you’re a sweet or sour lover, we put the question of ‘fizzy or non-fizzy’ to our Facebook fans and the general consensus was that fizzy cola bottles beat plain ones! Out of 13 people who answered our question, 9 said that they’re all about the fizz while the remaining 4 said they always prefer non-fizzy cola bottles.

Cola Bottle vs Fizzy Cola Bottle 

Test 2: The Big Bottle Sweet Debate

Bottle sweets are a good test to see who really prefers sweet and fizzy candy, so we threw a few more bottle sweets into the mix for this second test and it really divided our followers.

The question was, plain cola bottles, fizzy cola bottles, bubblegum bottles and fizzy cherry bottles – which is best? It’s a simple question but a difficult choice so how did our Facebook fans answer?

37.5% said plain cola bottles were their favourites, a strong start for simple sweets but a fellow 25% said classic fizzy cola bottles are best which when joined by the 12.5% that said bubblegum bottles and 12.5% that said cherry bottles, fizzy sweets came out on top as the true favourite!

Bottle Debate

Test 3: The Monopoly Challenge

It’s not all doom and gloom for simple sweets; when we asked the people of Facebook which old-school sweet they’d choose to be their marker in a game of Monopoly, nearly everyone chose a non-fizzy sweet as the ultimate board game companion!

From jelly snakes to black jacks, classic cola bottles to milk bottles, the love for non-sour sweets was out in full force, making us think that maybe there are more people out there who favour sweet candy opposed to the sour stuff!

Monopoly Sweets

Test 4: The Deciding Poll

We wanted to know once and for all what our loyal followers really think when it comes to the big fizzy vs plain sweet debate, so we put a poll on Facebook and invited our likers to let us know whether they were team sweet or team sour when it comes to retro candy and they came out in force to let us know!

43 people cast their votes and although it wasn’t a landslide victory, there was a clear winner and that was sweet. When it comes to plain candy vs fizzy treats, the people have spoken and with a 65% vote, simple sweets come out on top, settling the debate once and for all.

We’re all about equality, so we can’t possibly have a favourite but thank you to everyone that got involved with our research!

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