Companies will often arrange team building days to bring their employees together in both social and business aspects. A team of employees that get along with each other and know each other well are more likely to perform better in their daily tasks at work. Of course a team building event is also for the good of the company, not just their employees’ social skills and a day out for the group can promote team work and leadership skills which are vital in most professional situations. Some corporate days for this purpose aren’t always to everyone’s taste, but here at Retro Sweet we bet we’ve got an idea up our sleeve that everyone will love!

Sweet Tooth For Fun

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy sweets, especially if they bring back memories from decades ago. Why don’t you bring this idea into your next team building event? A corporate day out actually making sweets (and then eating them too) from times gone by would be a great way to bond with your team and create something fun that everyone can get involved in no matter what your job role is.

Take your inspiration from our impressive range of nostalgic sweets when it comes to recreating your favourite candy from when you were younger, whether it’s Kola Cubes or Flying Saucers.

Kola Cubes

Retro Sweets For Everyone

Incorporating the idea of retro sweets into your team building event provides something different that your employees probably won’t have come across before. When you think of team building you often think of action and adventure days that involve trusting your colleagues to help you overcome an obstacle. Sweet-making will most probably entice your team to join in more readily and be enthusiastic as they work out how to reinvent their favourite sweets. You could even provide a sweet hamper or other sweet selection offers, either to deliver some inspiration or in case sweet-making ends up being harder than it looks! It is always possible that your team could get peckish along the way too.

Whatever you are planning for a team building event, consider Retro Sweet and its unique concept. There are endless ways to incorporate sweets into your team building event, even if it is a little gift to give at the end of the day. We have a big sweet tooth for our sweets and we think you will too!

 Sweet Bouquet