Halloween is creeping round the corner and soon everyone will be dressing up in scary costumes and heading out with friends. Of course sweets are a huge part of Halloween traditions and here at Retro Sweet we have a special edition of sweets perfect for your Halloween-themed parties or if you’re heading out trick or treating!

The connection between sweets and Halloween

Halloween is very much an American tradition that we have taken on enthusiastically year after year. In the 1900s, young boys across the towns of North America wold cause havoc on Halloween night, creating extreme destruction in some cases, until the communities decided to organise events for children to try and control the chaos in some way. This is where the idea of trick or treating came from!

Themed sweets

We have a whole host of sweets that will prepare you for any little visitors that may come knocking on your door on 31st October, or if you are entertaining guests for a Halloween party then these are the perfect refreshments!

Giant Jelly Spiders

What could be more appropriate for Halloween than creepy crawlies? These jelly spiders are ideal for adding to the theme of your event or to give out to any trick or treaters that come knocking on your door!

giant jelly spider sweets

Fizzy Sour Dracula Teeth

These Dracula’s fangs are great for adding that sour element to Halloween. These are brilliant for throwing into your sweet mix and you can get them in a sweet bag or a large jar to satisfy everyone’s fizzy needs!

fizzy dracula teeth sweets

Pumpkin Sweets

Please those pesky trick or treaters with some perfectly themed Halloween sweets. These pumpkin sweets should give anyone enough energy to run around causing mayhem on All Hallows Eve.

 pumpkin sweets

Red Eye Skulls

Finish off your collection with these ghostly sweets with glowing red eyes. These candy skulls are great to throw into the mix and spook your unsuspecting guests this Halloween.

 halloween skull sweets


Our spooky sweets are available in a variety of sweet bags, jars and even hampers depending on your needs! Stock up for this Halloween ready for the chaos to begin on 31st October.