The New Year, a fresh start and a new you. Ready to shake off the cobwebs and get back to work? Wanting to drop the pounds after an indulgent Christmas? Try the brand new Retro Sweets health plan™. This fool proof plan combines a range of sweets based on nutritious foods to create a balanced sweet diet.



Start your day off with fried eggs, all the best athletes make sure they have eggs as part of their diet. Cast your minds back, do you remember in Rocky when Sylvester Stallone eats raw eggs in a training montage? Well, rather than a slimy start to the day, you can have the much tastier Retro Sweets fried eggs to kick start your day. Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet and are full of protein, vitamins and minerals. So, stick to this plan and soon enough you’ll be world champ just like Rocky!



Getting peckish during the day? Need an energy boost after a mad sesh at the gym? You need to grab a bag of bananas - foam bananas, that is. High in protein, bananas are a great energy sources and will keep you pumped up for your new years’ resolution exercise plan (more on that later).



So you’ve just had a healthy balanced meal for dinner, replaced the pies and pizzas with a fresh salad (no dressing) but you’re still hungry?! What’s for pudding? How about some nice juicy strawberries? Grab yourself some fizzy strawberries as a much better alternative than a big bar of chocolate. Particularly if you mix them with Retro Sweets milk bottles to make strawberries and cream. It’s just like you’re at Wimbledon on a warm summer day, watching Andy Murray getting thrashed!



What about in between all your healthy meals though? Well, if you’re one to get peckish throughout the day then with the zesty and tropical taste of pineapple, without the hassle of cutting one, you can up chow down on some pineapple cubes instead.


Retro Workout Plan

Now you’ve got your diet sorted out its time to get to exercising and, with our workout plan, losing weight could be easier or more fun than ever before (it’s even more effective than Kanye’s). You will have been bulking over the winter, so now it’s time to cut down on calories and burn some off. We’re talking low weight, high reps to get sweet muscle definition. Start with a 4.5 litre jar of retro sweets in each hand and knock out 50 bicep curls, and you should soon start to feel the burn. Next, with two 1.8 litre jars walk up and down the stairs, this will be good cardio and help keep your heart healthy. Who needs a gym membership, eh? Finally bench presses, 20 reps with a 1.2 kilo retro sweets hamper should do the trick. Your muscles will be aching and brow sweating, but push through and always remember; “where there’s no pain, there’s no gain”. You can reward yourself with some rosy apples now after a hefty work out; remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


So, why not try the new Retro Sweets specifically designed diet and workout plan for a few weeks and see the new you every time you look in the mirror!

We hope you enjoy,