Here at Retro Sweet we stock a huge range of your favourite sweets from times gone by, but there are always still those few that you can remember but not find anywhere! Sweets from when you were younger bring back the best memories and a great feeling of nostalgia as you remember how old you were and where you were when you were eating certain sweets. We’ve remembered some of our favourite confectionery that sadly isn’t sold anymore, see which ones you can remember!

Cadbury’s Spira Chocolate Bar

This particular chocolate from Cadbury’s was initially released only in the north west of the UK before being rolled out across the country during the 1980s. It was a hollow bar which was first perceived as strange, until the kids realised you could break off one end and use it as a straw!

 Cadbury's Spira Chocolate Bar

Rowntree’s Cabana Bar

While this may not sound very appealing, the Cabana bar from Rowntree’s was a huge hit in the 80s. A rather strange mix of coconut, cherries and caramel in the form of a chocolate bar was very popular with an incredibly catchy theme song to its advert. It was around for only about 4 years but left people feeling lost when it stopped being made!

Rowntree's Cabana Chocolate Bar 

Terry’s Pyramint

The Pyramint was a rather unusual retro treat that was in the form of a chocolate pyramid, filled with mint-flavoured fondant. Sound slightly familiar to something made by Cadbury’s? Terry’s Pyramint unfortunately didn’t last very long and this could have been down to the popularity of Cadbury’s Crème Egg!

Terry's Pyramint 


Better known as the sister of Opal Fruits (or Starbursts as they are now known), Pacers were launched as Opal Mints back in the 1970s. They underwent a rebrand and emerged as green and white striped chews but unfortunately were gone by the end of the 80s.

 Pacers Sweets

Jacob’s Trio

One of the most popular chocolate bars of past decades, there are petitions all over social media to bring back the Trio bar. A biscuit and toffee bar covered in milk chocolate, the Trio even came with freebies such as stickers, transfers and sometimes a puzzle on the inside of the wrapper. Kids everywhere went crazy for these; if you had one in your lunchbox you were sure to spark some jealousy.

Jacob's Trio Chocolate Bar 

There are probably hundreds of other sweets and chocolates that you can remember from being a child, but these are just a few of our favourites!