It’s the season of indulgence and the best time of year to treat ourselves; the excuse, ‘it’s Christmas’ is applicable to almost anything as we count down to the big day! While you might be super organised and have already finished your Christmas shopping, there are most probably still a few of you out there who are scrambling for ideas and looking for those little bits and pieces to add to the present list.

Whether you are buying for your children, a friend or another family member, presents can be tricky especially if you want them to be something a little different!

The Christmas stocking

A stocking at Christmas has been tradition for as long as most of us can remember; usually hung on the fireplace or even at the end of the beds of unsuspecting children on Christmas Eve. This was so that Father Christmas could come and fill them with all sorts of goodies for the children to wake up to on Christmas morning; if they had behaved all year that was!

Stockings were normally filled with small toys, coins and sweets, and here at Retro Sweet we’ve got some perfect ideas to fill up stockings this year!

Candy canes

Folklore regarding candy canes dates back to the 1600s, to keep children quiet during church services over Christmas. Possibly one of the most festive sweets at this time of year, why not include a bag of candy canes in your stocking; no matter who the stocking is for, they’ll definitely appreciate this popular Christmas sweet!

candy candes retro sweet

Chocolate coins

Another Christmas tradition when it came to treats included the likes of the chocolate coin. Mimicking the design of real money, it will probably excite little children as they realise it is edible too. Everyone’s favourite, the chocolate coin was discontinued by Cadbury last year so get your hands on these instead

chocolate coins retro sweets

Christmas sweet jar

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, turn to the likes of a sweet jar! Personalised with a name and message, the jar can be filled with a huge variety of sweets from Flying Saucers to Drumstick Lollies and plenty in between. This is great if you know the recipient has a bit of a sweet tooth.

christmas sweet jar

Sweetie bear

If you want to give a present that’s more than just sweets, look out for our sweetie bear. This little Christmas Bear, complete with a Santa hat and Christmas scarf, is not only a great little present for someone but it also has a large bouquet of sweets hidden inside! The likes of popping candy, candy necklace and lollies should keep the recipient busy for hours.

christmas bear retro sweets

For all your retro sweets needs, check out our huge range of products today or contact us to see how we can help you!