Retro Sweets are the perfect addition for your event, a table full of everyone’s favourite sweet treats can be the perfect respite for people to enjoy throughout the event, and have become hugely popular in the past few years. Whilst organising an event can be a lot of fun, whatever the occasion; whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or just because, Retro Sweets for events are the perfect addition! 

Sweet Table

A sweet table at your event is bound to be a real hit with all attendees, young or old. It provides a bit of fun and is something a bit different to your normal buffet spread. Combining the most popular sweets in individual jars, bowls or other containers, with the authentic striped bags (just like you would get at the local newsagents when you were younger!), gives your guests an opportunity to fill up their sweet bags with some of their favourite treats to satisfy their taste buds throughout the event.


Sweet Carts

Why not take your Retro Sweet selection at your next event to the next level with a Retro Sweet Cart? This can give your sweet collection anauthentic look and feel, and invoke childhood memories as it is filled with sweet treats for everyone to enjoy. A sweet cart can be readily hired for events and will make your event really stand out and be remembered.

Retro Sweet offer a great selection of sweets that can bring a nostalgic feel to your event, take a look at our wide range; the one thing you needn’t worry about when organising your next event is what to fill your sweet table with. You can’t forget these important additions to help make sure your event is a success; Drumstick Lollies are a sure favourite for everyone, these chewy lollies have a taste that everyone remembers, whilst strawberry hearts are the first thing that everyone will go for, there’s a wide range available at Retro Sweet, take a look today!