We can bet that the majority of you out there have a bit of a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to nostalgic, retro sweets that have come back from your childhood! Even if you aren’t a big fan of sweets, a Sweet Hamper is a sure-fire way to create some attention or a bit of a buzz around an event or even as a gift.

Whether your taste buds go crazy for fizzy or sour sweets, or you know someone who’s a sucker for Cola Bottles or Fruit Salads, we’ve got the sweet hamper for you from our retro and traditional ranges.

 retro sweet hamper

Children’s Birthday Parties

What better way to help your kids have a good time than provide a few sweets here and there as a little treat? Whether you want to introduce your children to your favourite sweets when you were younger, or you simply want a good quality hamper full of goodies to finish off a great party, this a great occasion to purchase a sweet hamper to entertain everyone!


Whether you want to present a sweet hamper as a gift for the newlyweds or you want to incorporate it into your buffet at the reception, this is a great way to stir up a bit of excitement and nostalgia. Not only is it an idea that has required a bit of thought, you have a range of sweets that are bound to be remembered by whoever eats them!

Baby Showers

Baby showers are often a fun event designed to gather all your closest friends and celebrate something special. A sweet hamper could be a nice and easy way to provide refreshments for your guests and something a little different. Equally it could also be something you can take to a baby shower as a token of thanks for the invite.

Thank You Gift

A retro or traditional sweet hamper is a great way to say thanks – just a little gesture to show your appreciation no matter what the occasion was. With a whole host of variety of sweets in our hampers, it’s bound to be a great gift with a bit of novelty to it. You can even have your hamper personalised for the recipient!

Corporate Events

As mentioned in previous posts, providing something like a sweet hamper at a corporate event can help your night to stand out and create a buzz as employees and clients alike pool around the refreshments table sharing stories of their favourite sweets. This would definitely give your event an edge and have people talking even after it's over!

  traditional sweet hamper

Sweet hampers are a fresh take on refreshments or gifts, whatever your preference. Take a look at our range of inventive hampers on our website and see what takes your fancy!