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We love to celebrate special days in the candy calendar and June 16th is officially known as ‘Fudge Day’, so we thought we’d delve into the past of one of our favourite sweet treats and give you the low down on everything you need to know about the classic confectionary that is vanilla fudge!

The History

It’s believed that fudge is an American invention that dates back to the 1800’s with the first signs of this now well-loved sweet treats being recorded around the 1880’s in letters and documents from American locations such as Baltimore.

There are many individuals in history who claim to be the first to develop the recipe for fudge, however all these claims are made around a similar time and no one can quite be sure who it was that brought fudge to the market for the very first time but what we do know is that fudge has evolved throughout the years and is now a best-selling sweet treat in both America and the UK.

The Ingredients

The recipe for your most basic fudge is pretty simple and contains a very short list of ingredients. To make plain fudge, you simply need sugar, butter and milk but through the generations, people have become pretty experimental with fudge and have added various sweet and savoury extras to change and enhance the flavour.

From dried fruits and nuts to chocolate, peanut butter and other sweet treats, as much as we love a crazy flavoured fudge, we don’t think you can beat a dash of vanilla extract to create a classic flavour to be enjoyed by all.

As well as mixing up the classic flavours to make fudge a little more exciting, the recipe for fudge has also started to differ across the world, with different countries putting their own spin on this otherwise basic creation. The UK is known for adding a little luxury where possible, so it’s no surprise that a lot of British fudge contains clotted cream, often locally sourced while the Americans tend to give their fudge a richer, almost chocolatey flavour.

Fudge in the Modern Day

We still favour classic vanilla fudge here at Retro Sweet, individually wrapped in clear plastic wrapping to stop pieces sticking together but as touched upon above, the world of fudge has got a lot more flavourful over the years and fudge in the modern day is far from simple.

The Artisan food market is bigger than ever before and fudge producers are a big part of that, going out of their way to transform this classic, back to basics confectionary recipe into a flavour sensation. From salted caramel to mint choc chip, peanut butter to raspberry ripple, there’s not a flavour you can think of that hasn’t been turned into fudge!

Fudge at Retro Sweet

Our fudge might be basic but it’s seriously good and that’s why it’s one of our best-sellers. Our retro vanilla fudge sweets are available for purchase in lots of different ways, so no matter how much fudge you need to satisfy your craving for this childhood classic, we can help.

From 100g for just 99p coming packaged in a retro striped paper bag to a 1kg jar that can be personalised to make sure everyone know this fudge is yours, there are plenty of ways you can get your hands on vanilla fudge at Retro Sweet and celebrate Fudge Day in sweet style!

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