National Eat What You Want Day Header

Did you know that the 11th of May is National ‘Eat What You Want’ Day? A day that is dedicated to indulging, enjoying as much of whatever foods you want and generally waving goodbye to the diet for 24 hours and it’s fair to say, we’re well in favour of that.

This big day might be new to you, so allow us to provide you with some sweet inspiration to help you choose what you’re going to be indulging on throughout this monumental day!

Giant Gummy Sweets

All sweets are great, it’s a known fact but we think it’s fair to say that when you take classic gummy sweets and make them giant, they’re only going to get better.

The humble cola bottle, classic jelly baby and the ever-popular gummy worm, how do you fancy trying your hand at demolishing a giant version of one of these well-loved sweets for eat what you want day?

We sell a range of giant gummy sweets and are pleased to say they all have the same look and taste as their original sized versions, just on a gargantuan scale, making them the perfect treat when there are no limits to what you can and can’t eat!

Vintage Chocolate

You can pick up a standard bar of chocolate any day but it’s not often you’ll indulge on old-school chocolates that are a real nod to your childhood, so if you’re looking to treat yourself for this special day, you need to shop our range of vintage chocolate!

From the classic white chocolate fish and chips to the ever-delicious milk chocolate tools, our selection of retro chocolates look and taste as good as you remember them, making them the perfect gift to yourself on National Eat What You Want Day!

Retro Sweet Hamper

Why choose just one retro sweet to enjoy when you could have them all? When there are no limits to the amount of sweets you can eat, one of our retro sweet hampers is the ideal option.

A reusable wicker basket overflowing with all your favourite treats from the past few decades, our retro sweet hampers have a mixture of gummy sweets, sour treats and truly delicious confectioneries that will take you on a trip down memory lane, the ultimate choice for spoiling yourself on this significant day when the diet doesn’t count!

Sweet Bouquet

Don’t wait around for someone else to buy you a bouquet, it’s National Eat What You Want Day so treat yourself to a bouquet you really want, one full of your favourite sweets.

If calories didn’t count, which sweets would you devour plenty of? This is the question to ask yourself when choosing which of our £2.99 sweet bouquets you’re going to treat yourself too when it comes to having a whole day of eating what you want, when you want.

We’re sure your mind is now filled with ideas of what you’re planning to feast on when this highly anticipated day finally arrives but we hope these super sweet ideas have given you some inspiration!

What treats have you been indulging on in celebration of this special day? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!