If you have a team of dedicated and hardworking staff in your company, you might want a way to show that you appreciate them, or you may even want a new and unique way of rewarding employees for particularly impressive work. Here at Retro Sweet we can offer you a range of fun sweets, varying from retro to traditional. Why not inject a bit of nostalgia and entertainment into the day for your workforce? We’ve come up with a few ideas as to how you can incorporate our selection of sweets into your workplace.

Motivational incentives

Your enthusiastic and loyal staff may sometimes need a bit of a pick-me-up. Delivering an incentive to drive success is a great way to not only ensure your colleagues are working to their best ability, but know that they will have a reward at the end of it. You could implement this in a variety of ways, including employee of the month or giving away a prize for notable work such as a personalised sweet hamper.

Personalised Sweet Hamper 

Boost team morale

Morale in the workplace can be very important if you want a team that works effectively and in a professional and friendly manner. Keeping morale up is something that you should consider even if it is only something small! You could keep jars of sweets around the office as a decorative way to provide little treats for your staff. Likewise you could even run staff competitions in order to bring your colleagues together, and provide Retro Sweet gift vouchers for the winners.

Traditional Sweet Jar 


Corporate events

Putting on an event for your staff could be another way to keep your workforce united and satisfied within their work environment. Here at Retro Sweet we offer the opportunity to hire a sweet cart to be used at private functions. We can also provide a huge range of sweet boxes, sweet bottles and other inventive ways of providing refreshments for your corporate event. You can find all of the corporate sweet products that we do here.

Retro Sweet Boxes

However you want to reward your staff or provide them with a little boost here and there, sweets are a distinctive way to get your employees talking amongst each other, reminiscing about their favourite confectionery. It can also provide a way to bring your staff closer together, therefore boosting productivity and teamwork. Contact us today to see how we can help your workforce!