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The 3rd of August is officially International Beer Day which is an exciting concept for all the drinkers out there and according to the Office for National Statistics, there’s around 29.2million of us in Britain that like an alcoholic drink but if you’re not a big beer fan, you’re probably thinking this day has no significance to you… but that’s where you’re wrong!

Whether you’re a lover or a hater of lagers and ales, everyone loves retro pint pot sweets and they’re the perfect way to celebrate International Beer Day if you’re always the designated driver!

We’re going to be exploring these one of a kind old school sweets today and telling you everything you need to know about our favourite booze inspired sweets, pint pots.

What Are Pint Pot Sweets?

If you’ve stumbled across this article by accident whilst searching for the best beers and are now intrigued by the concept of pint pot sweets, allow us to explain exactly what they are.

No more complicated than the name would suggest, pint pots are quite simply beer glass shaped sweets that taste just like a classic pint of beer. A unique concept but a tasty one nevertheless and even better for the non-alcohol drinkers amongst us, they contain no alcohol.

How Are Pint Pot Sweets Made?

The history of pint pot sweets is a bit blurred, no one is too sure how they really came to be but what we do know is that they’ve been around for years and we plan on keeping them available to buy for many more to come.

They’re made in the same way as most other jelly sweets with a mixture of basic ingredients including glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, wheat starch and a gelling agent. The big difference between pint pot sweets and your fruit flavoured gummy sweets is the flavouring that is added because this is what gives pint pots the iconic taste.

Malt extract is added to the flavourless jelly sweet mix and it’s this key ingredient that creates that familiar beer taste.

As for the pint pot shape and design, the sweets are made in moulds and coloured using colourings and glazing agents. A simple process that results in a bold flavoured sweet!

Pint Pot Sweets at Retro Sweet

Now we’ve got your taste buds tingling and you’re fancying some pint pot sweets for yourself, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on sweets so retro but with the help of Retro Sweet, the UK’s largest online sweet shop, it’s easy.

There are three ways to purchase pint pot candy at Retro Sweet, designed to suit different budgets and appetites. One option is to purchase one of our candy cans; a can labelled to look like a beer and filled with pint pot sweets, a super fun gift or treat to yourself.

Another option is to purchase one of our sweetie tubes, measuring nearly one foot tall, you’ll get a fair amount of sweets in one of these £8.99 tubes and for even more fun, you can personalise the tube with your name!

The last option for buying pint pot sweets from us is our most affordable option which is to buy one of our hand wrapped sweet bouquets for just £2.99 which will come beautifully packaged and stuffed full with your favourite boozy sweets!

Whether you head to the pub to celebrate International Beer Day or stay at home with a pack of pint pot sweets, we hope you have a great time embracing this super fun day!

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