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In a world where competition is fierce in every industry, it’s now more important than ever for your brand to stand out for all the right reasons but achieving that is becoming increasingly difficult. The world of marketing and advertising has gone crazy and brands are trying harder than ever to get their name out there but what can you do to ensure your brand gets a good name?

We believe the key to getting your brand the reputation you want could actually be as simple as sweets. Everyone loves a treat from time to time but people love sweets even more when they come as a gift, so what better way to get your brand name out into the open than with sweets.

We offer a selection of corporate sweets here at Retro Sweet and can work with you to create a package of sweets that works for both you as a brand and the lucky individual that will be receiving them and we really think that the ‘sweet approach’ is the best way to get a good name for your brand.

Here are just a few of the reasons why sweets could be the answer to ensuring a great reputation for your brand:

It Shows You Care About Your Customers

If you choose to gift your customers sweets after a special purchase or for choosing you opposed to a competitor, you’re showing that customer that you care about their business and are grateful that they chose to work with you.

Many car companies will gift flowers or champagne when people purchase brand new cars from them and you could take a similar approach using sweets in your business.

If one of your customers makes a substantial purchase that they could’ve made elsewhere, be sure to recognise that using sweets as a thank you.

Our bon bon jars can be customised with your company’s branding to make it individual to you and professional to give out to your customers.

Associate Your Brand Name with Something Positive

We all know how damaging having your brand name associated to something negative can be but this can also work in the opposite way where having your brand attached to something positive and well-loved like sweets has a great effect on customers.

If your customers see you have branded jars or packs of sweets available for customers upon purchase, they’ll associate your brand with something fun and enjoyable and that could be one of the lasting impressions of your brand that they take away.

Affordable Way to Spread the Word

If you’re just starting out in the industry and want an affordable way to spread the word about your new business, gifting sweets to influencers or potential customers is a great way to get your name out there.

Our corporate sweets are affordable and can be easily customised to fit with your brand image, making them perfect for sending to people of interest such as online stars or celebrities who could potentially share this gift with their followers which will help to get your name to the people you want to hear it.

Influencer marketing is now a key form of advertising but the best way to run a successful influencer marketing campaign is to have a good product to send out to them and we think sending branded sweets is the perfect option.

Keep Employees Sweet

It’s not just your customers you want to keep happy to ensure you get a good reputation for your brand but your staff too.

Many people will create their own opinion on a brand based on many things but the way in which staff are treated is often one of the things they consider, so if you’ve got happy staff that are proud to tell people how happy they are in their job, that will help get the word out that you’re a great brand.

Gifting sweets as a recognition of achievement is a great way to reward staff and is guaranteed to keep your employees feeling happy and satisfied in their jobs.

Basic is Sometimes Best

Brands are going bigger and bolder with their marketing moves nowadays to get their name heard and although this can be successful, it can also fall through whereas a back to basics approach will always be reliable.

Everyone loves sweets and always appreciates being gifted them, so you can guarantee a positive response from anyone you choose to gift your branded sweets to, meaning you can be sure it will help create a positive brand image for you, whereas gifting something more niche or unique could end in disaster.

The options are endless when it comes to gifting corporate sweets, so whether you want simple bags of sweets, customised sweet bouquets or large hampers made exactly to your own individual specification, we have the ability to create exactly what you need to keep your customers happy.

Never thought about the ways in which sweets could help create the brand image you need for success? We hope this has inspired you to take a sweeter approach to communicating with your customers!

Ready to place an order for some customised corporate sweets? Be sure to check out our corporate brochure or email to get started with your order.