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Conferences aren’t known for being the most exhilarating of experiences but we believe that with the help of us here at Retro Sweet, any business event can be transformed into a productive and memorable occasion.

If you’re planning on hosting a conference and want your guests to remember the event for all the right reasons, the best way to do that is to incorporate plenty of tasty treats! We’re going to be sharing with you our top tips for hosting an unforgettable conference with the help of sweets!

Gifts for Your Guests

If you want your guests to leave your conference with a smile on their faces then you don’t want to send them away empty-handed.

Gifting each of your guests a selection of sweets is the ideal way to thank them for their attendance but also ensure they have positive memories of your brand and your event.

Our selection of corporate sweets range from small bags to large hampers, as well as covering every other option in between and all can be customised with your business’ name and logo to make sure your guests remember your brand for plenty of time to come.

Prizes Throughout the Day

Everyone is keen and ready to go at the start of an event but throughout the duration of your conference, you may notice your guests starting to lose focus or becoming less interested which is why incorporating plenty of opportunities to win sweets throughout the day is a great way to keep them engaged.

Whether you’re doing a quiz or team building activity, creating ways for individual guests to win a tasty prize is bound to help you hold their attention and encourage everyone to get involved.

Whether you’re offering a simple sweet bouquet or extravagant sweet hamper, putting sweets up for grabs is bound to catch everyone’s attention!

Super Sweet Ice Breaker Activities

Many people roll their eyes when they hear the words ‘icebreaker activities’ but our selection of super sweet team games are the perfect way to get everyone to know each other and will ensure that everyone wants to get involved with the day's itinerary.

There are lots of different ways you can use sweets to get conversation flowing and ease the tension of meeting new people but below are a few of our favourite ways to use confectionary to break the ice:

  • Marshmallow and Spaghetti TowerYou’ve got a pack of dry spaghetti, a bag of marshmallows and 5-minutes, which team can build the tallest tower?
  • Sweet Mental Maths get everyone’s brains working with some mental math questions all about sweets – “the boy buys 5 x 1-litre tubs of mixed Retro Sweets and 23% of the sweets were gummy sweets, how many of the tubs could he fill just using gummy sweets?”
  • Describe Yourself as a Sweet everyone hates saying their name and ‘three facts about themselves’, so cut the awkwardness and simply describe yourself using sweets! What flavour would you be? What colour? Are you super sweet or a little sour?
  • The Colour is The Question using sweets such as jelly beans or anything multi-coloured, get everyone to pick one sweet and not eat it. After everyone has a sweet, reveal the colour key which shows which colour sweet relates to which question they have to answer. Green could be ‘how did you end up in the job you’re in now?’ while pink is ‘what is your biggest career achievement?’, and once they’ve answered their question to the group, they’ve got a sweet to enjoy!

Table Snacks

If there’s one thing that can make anyone feel distracted, it’s being hungry, so make sure your conference guests are comfortable and engaged throughout the day by having table sweets available for them to pick on when they wish.

An added touch that shows how much you’ve thought about your guests, this will also ensure your guests don’t start to lose focus when it gets close to lunch or home time thanks to having an adequate supply of sugar to hand.

Bowls of sweets around a venue can also brighten up the room and make it look more inviting to people coming in!

Sweets are good for all kinds of things but they’re particularly good at helping to make a business event a success.

We hope you’ve found these ideas useful if you’re looking for new and creative ways to ensure your conference is one that your guests will remember for all the right reasons.

Have you used confectionary in a cool way at one of your conferences? Share your ideas with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!