The tuck shop was something of a phenomenon in its day; offering children up and down the country the chance to spend their pocket money on a few treats at break time. Often selling a variety of sweets and chocolate, the tuck shop provided kids with enough energy to see to the end of the day in high spirits. However, it is now a thing of the past and we’re sure that more than few of you miss the idea of it, especially any adults out there who grew up with the concept of a tuck shop in school.

Sweet hampers

But what if you could have your own modern day tuck shop, right in your office? Here at Retro Sweet we can provide corporate hampers full of your favourite goodies. Imagine having a collection of both traditional and retro sweets right in your office to delve into whenever you fancy?

Taking you and your colleagues back to when you were in school as you try to decide on your favourite to keep you going as you sit at your desk; a hamper full of sweets would certainly boost the mood and morale amongst staff!

retro sweet hamper 

All your favourites

With a sweet hamper, you know you’re going to get something to please everyone. Whether you want your own tuck shop for the benefit of the staff or to stir some conversation in meetings and for visitors, retro sweets always deliver. It’s not often you can reminisce over the sweets you used to pour over as a child, saving up your pocket money to buy a bag of your favourite kind.

Fill your hamper with drumstick lollies, marshmallows and even popping candy; whatever takes your fancy. A corporate sweet hamper could be your staff’s very own pick and mix!

De-stress with sweet treats

In today’s often intense office environment, or if you have a particularly stressful job, a corporate hamper in the office can act as a break, or just a minute’s distraction, from your busy day. On top of this, your sweet hamper can even be branded, giving it that sense of a real tuck shop. With so many different sweets to choose from, head to our selection and get choosing now!