Everything is starting to feel a little bit more festive, as the shops start decorating their displays and the odd keen Christmas tree can be spotted in the windows of homes. With everyone starting to think about buying Christmas presents for their friends and family, why not create a bit of festive cheer in the office too?

Secret Santa among your colleagues is just one way of getting into the Christmas spirit this year but it creates a bit of fun between staff while you’re working in the run up to 25th December! If you groan at the thought of having to buy a present for someone that you may not know particularly well, never fear. Here at Retro Sweet we have the perfect solution, whether you end up buying for one of your good friends or a colleague you’ve barely said two words to.

Corporate Sweet Hampers

Sweets, in particular retro sweets from times gone by, are a great present to give as it is most probably unexpected and will look impressive to the recipient. On top of this, with such a huge variation of sweets, it’s a gift that you can give to someone you may not know; if you don’t know someone’s interests or hobbies, surely you can’t go wrong with sweets!

corporate sweet hamper 

Our collection of sweets can evoke a sense of nostalgia and take someone back to when they were a child enjoying their favourite sweets of the time. This would be the perfect answer when you just don’t know what to buy!

Personalised for that Extra Touch

Instead of buying a generic present that could easily be suited to anyone, why not go that little bit extra and have your sweet hamper personalised? This will let the receiver know that you’ve really put some effort and thought into the gift instead of buying something for the sake of it.

A personalised corporate sweet hamper for a colleague is the perfect way to take part in your office Secret Santa this year.

Nostalgic Sweets

You can fill your sweet hamper with anything you like, from Cola Bottles to Parma Violets and everything in between. Our sweets will allow the recipient to reminisce of when they first tried them when they were a kid, and they may even keep their sweet tooth satisfied all Christmas!

retro sweet hamper