It’s tough work trying to choose all of your favourite sweets to make up a bag of delicious treats; we’ve no doubt we’d end up with one of everything if we had our own way! We all have those sweets that we can’t help eat every now and again when we see them on the shelf and there’s always so much choice when it comes to sweets and chocolate. There’s old favourites that you might have forgotten about, or you might have recently rediscovered your much-loved sweet from when you were little. Either way, here are a few of our favourites to help you choose next time you’re thinking about treating yourself!

Fizzy cherry cola bottles

Cola bottles are a preferred choice for a lot of people out there, but why not put a little twist on it for a change? These chewy sweets are great for mixing it up a bit; one that have been established for years and will continue to be a favourite as time goes on no doubt!

retro cherry cola bottles

Strawberry bon bons

These sugar dusted, strawberry flavour sweets take you back to when you were a child spending your pocket money on your favourite treat. One of the world’s favourites, strawberry bon bons are a fruity delight that you are bound to enjoy over and over.

strawberry bon bons

Jelly snakes

Throwing a jelly snake into the mix not only adds a fruity chewy treat but adds a bit of fun too! Attention-grabbing, jelly snakes are a particular hit with children but there’s nothing to say that adults can’t enjoy them too! Jelly snakes can be enjoyed all year round but definitely remember them for a Halloween treat too.

jelly snakes

Liquorice wheels

For a varied pick and mix bag, you can’t beat liquorice. Sometimes viewed as a bit of an acquired taste, these laces of liquorice shaped into a circular wheel are great to add a alternative to your collection!

liquorice wheels

Chocolate coins

What would a pick and mix bag be without a bit of chocolate? Everyone’s favourite edible money, chocolate coins have somewhat disappeared from shops lately but here you can rekindle your love for them. Their gold foil covering is instantly recognisable, chocolate coins were often a stocking filler for children but what’s to say that you can’t indulge at any time of the year.

chocolate coins

Here at Retro Sweet we don’t just have these few favourites; check out our website to see our huge range and pick whatever takes your fancy!