It’s the Queen’s 90th birthday today! How are you celebrating? 

Whilst the official celebrations are not until June (our lucky Queen has two birthday’s each year due to her actual birthday not falling in the summer months!) … we have some ideas on how Retro Sweet could help make your celebrations for the Queen authentically British. The Government in the UK are urging people to go all out in their celebrations on June 12th, this is when a street party will be held on The Mall in London for over 10,000 people, and you can organise your own street party by contacting your local council! And what better to fill the tables with then retro sweets that will evoke nostalgia for the Queen’s reigning period.

Traditional Sweet Jars

Our Sweet Jars at Retro Sweet are a great addition to any table at a street party, they can be filled with a range of your favourite British sweets, and they can be personalised too to show everyone exactly what you’re celebrating.

Rhubarb and Custard

One of our favourite traditional flavours, rhubarb and custard reminds us of a delicious British dessert, and is a staple to have to celebrate the Queen!

Rosey Apples

Another Great British traditional flavour, rosey apples provide the nostalgia of popping to the corner shop and filling a bag full of penny sweets after school!

Pear Drops

Who could forget about these perfect little sweets to add to the mix? A sweet jar of Pear Drops will go down a treat at your street party!

Traditional Mix

Or if you’re after a bit of everything, the Traditional Mix could be the thing to make sure you have something everyone to enjoy in your sweet jar! 

Great British Sweet Hamper

You can’t go wrong with the Great British Sweet Hamper when you’re looking for ways to add to your celebrations of the Queen at 90! Presented perfectly in a wicker basket, and themed with Great British at its core, it’s a must have to hold all of your favourite retro sweets.

Sweet Bags

The perfect table decoration is of course to have a selection of your favourite Great British retro sweets in pink or blue striped sweet bags, it wouldn’t be a street party without a few bags of sweets for grown-ups and kids alike to fill up.