It’s that time of year when blossom is filling the trees and the flowers are starting to bloom, so why not bring in the spring with a sweet treat? We’re sure that after Easter you’ve had plenty of chocolate, but with a selection of sweets from Retro Sweet, you can not only have a throwback to your childhood, but also treat yourself to some of your favourite sweets. 

Here we take a look at the fruitiest treats to get your taste buds in tune for the warmer months.

Strawberry Hearts

With a juicy, fruity flavour that everyone remembers, strawberry hearts let you bring in the spring with a taste that shouts warmer weather, pack a sweet bouquet or sweet jar with these sweet strawberry hearts!

Strawberries & Cream

Here in Britain, we know that the taste of spring and summer is strawberries and cream on a sunny day whilst watching the tennis. You can’t beat this sweet treat alternative to let you get into the Great British spring and summertime early!


Fruit Salads

Why not switch up your normal salad for a few fruit salad chews? These pineapple and raspberry flavoured chews are the perfect sweet treats for to get you ready for spring, with a fruity and refreshing taste to get those taste buds going.


Foam Bananas  

Fill a sweet bag with foam bananas and fill your taste buds with the fruity tastes that you can’t get enough of. Foam bananas are a favourite Retro Sweet for so many adults and children alike, these chewy treats are the perfect sweet for a refreshing taste.


There are so many ways you can bring in the spring with retro sweets, why not fill sweet bags with your favourite treats, or if you are looking for a gift for a loved one, look no further than our personalised range of sweet tubes and sweet boxes perfect to bring in the spring!