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When the sun comes out, we all have certain food and drink we gravitate towards during the warm weather. From ice-cold cocktails to fresh and tasty salads, we’ve all got our go-to summer treats that are perfect for indulging on during the UK heatwaves.

We think the same applies for sweets and that some of our retro candies just scream summer, so take a look at our top 5 summer sweets that are just ideal for enjoying under the sun.

Fruit Salad Sweets

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, fruit salad sweets take the crown as the ultimate summer sweet.

Nothing compliments a sunny day hanging out with friends in the outdoors than a pack of fruit salads. The combination of raspberry and pineapple flavours creates an irresistible tropical taste that all ages have been loving for generations

Peach Bellini Bon Bons

Going back to the topic of ice-cold cocktails, what could be better than a non-alcoholic sweet that tastes just like a refreshing peach Bellini? Nothing if you ask us!

A moreish jar of chewy sweets from The Bon Bon Co, our Peach Bellini Bon Bons contain no alcohol but still have the same delicious taste as the classic cocktail that we’re all guilty of enjoying – the ideal treat for sharing with friends under the sun!

Lemon Sherbets

Lemon is a flavour we all gravitate towards when the sun starts shining, so it’s no surprise that we’re nominating lemon sherbets as one of our all-time favourite summer sweets!

One of the best selling boiled sweets of all time, a hard-boiled lemon flavoured candy encases a pop of tangy sherbet; if that doesn’t say summer, we don’t know what does!

Bubblegum Bottles

Another super sweet flavour that just reminds us of the warm weather, it doesn’t matter whether you call them fizzy blue bottles, pink and blue bottles or bubblegum bottles, these fizzy little bottle shaped sweets pack a real punch of sweet and tangy flavour that is just irresistibly moreish.

Easy to snack on whilst relaxing with friends under the sun, fizzy blue bottles have been loved and enjoyed by people of all ages for decades and we’re confident in saying that they’ll be consumed for many years to come!

Refresher Chews

Sunshine in a sweet, there’s no better way to refresh yourself after a day in the sun than with a pack of refresher chews.

Though some may prefer refresher bars, we think there’s something so appealing about the smaller refresher chews that you just can't seem to stop picking on. A classic lemon sherbet flavoured chew that has the perfect level of sweetness, tang and fizz, they’re a classic retro sweet that just screams summer!

We’ve got plenty more fresh, fruity and fizzy sweets that are ideal for enjoying during one of the UK’s infamous heatwaves, so if you want to grab yourself a selection of summery sweets that are perfect for the warm weather, check out our selection of retro sweets to find your favourites!