Lollipop Day Header Image

It’s a fact, lollies are underrated. Lollipops simply do not get enough credit in the world of confectionery but as today is officially lollipop day, we’re going to change that and give lollies the recognition they deserve.

There are claims that the first lolly was made in America as early as 1908 but what we can confirm is that lollipops have come on a lot throughout the generations and there’s now plenty of different ones to choose from and today we’re going to be sharing our favourite ones with you!

Looking for the best retro lollies to enjoy in celebration of Lollipop Day? Take a look at these:

Drumstick Lollies

Arguably one of the most widely recognised retro sweets around, Drumstick Lollipops are loved by all ages.

Different to most other lollies in the fact they’re a soft, chewy texture opposed to being more like a boiled sweet, Drumstick lollies are full of strawberry and milk flavour, making them easy to enjoy and extremely moreish.

They may be a little tough on the teeth but they’re well worth it when you get your first taste of that creamy fruity flavour that takes you straight back to your childhood.

Double Lollies

The ultimate addition to any party bag, double lollies are super sweet and super delicious. Another unique textured lolly, unlike your classic hard fruity lollies, these sherbet-tasting, chalk textured lollies are solid until you bite down where they then crumble into fizzy sherbet in the mouth.

A subtle fruit flavour with a whole lot of fizz, double lollies have been loved and enjoyed by all ages for generations after being first invented many decades ago.

Super Sour Lollies

The clue really is in the name, these lollies are extremely sour and not one for the faint-hearted. Super sour lollies come in an array of fruity flavours, all with a serious hit of sharp sourness, enough to seriously make your eyes water.

If you can withstand the sour taste, the fruity flavour that comes afterwards really is enjoyable. Small and quick to enjoy, super sour lollipops are the ultimate quick sugar fix.

Traffic Light Lollies

Probably best described as the definition of a traditional lolly, traffic light lollipops are a back to basics, easy to enjoy lolly that everyone can appreciate.

Given its name thanks to being coloured with red, yellow and green, traffic light lollies may look simple but they carry layers of fruity flavour which makes for a super sweet and enjoyable taste experience.

There’s nothing not to like about lollipops. They’re easy to eat thanks to the stick, they carry great flavour and they even last a little longer than the likes of jelly sweets.

If you were wondering which lollipop to enjoy to celebrate lolly day, we’re sure this has given you some inspiration, so explore our range of retro lollipops and find the one that tickles your taste buds the most.