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Halloween is fast approaching and as sweet lovers, this is one of our favourite times of year! We take Halloween sweets seriously here at Retro Sweet and think providing an unbeatable selection of tasty treats to your trick or treaters is essential, so we’re going to be sharing with you the very best Halloween sweets to have on offer this year!

Fizzy Dracula Teeth

Fizzy sweets are a Halloween must have and it doesn’t get much more suited to the occasion than fizzy Dracula teeth! Also known as ‘fizzy fangs’, these slightly sour chewy sweets are shaped like Dracula fangs and are seriously moreish!

Perfect for treating yourself to as a sweet snack at this time of year as well as handing out to your trick or treaters to enjoy as they go, no Halloween sweet selection is complete without the addition of some fizzy Dracula teeth!

Jelly Bones

The perfect seasonal sweet if you want a tasty fruity sweet that’s also a little spooky, these jelly bone sweets are ideal for all ages to enjoy at this time of year.

Similarly to the fizzy fangs, jelly bone sweets are pretty irresistible, so you can guarantee if you hand these out to your trick or treaters that they’ll be snacking on them straight away!

Drumstick Lollies

They might not be particularly spooky but drumstick lollies are a trick or treating classic and no Halloween sweet selection is finished without them!

Ideal for handing out to Halloween visitors thanks to being individually wrapped, all ages love drumstick lollies, making them a firm favourite for handing out at this super sweet time of year!

Refresher Chews

Another convenient, easy to hand out Halloween sweet thanks to being individually wrapped, Refresher Chews have been a staple sweet to give out to trick or treaters for many years and isn’t a tradition that is set to change anytime soon.

The sweet, sherbet flavour is loved by all and the chewy texture makes them extremely moreish, an all-round winner for your trick or treaters!

Double Candy Lollies

It doesn’t get much more classic for Halloween than double lollies, the staple Halloween treat for decades. First made back in 1952, double lollies really are an old-school sweet treat but they remain to be a favourite for trick or treaters year after year.

The sweet, sherbet flavour made into the convenience of a lolly is a unique concept that all ages find irresistible, so to keep your Halloween visitors happy this year, we’d go for some double lollies!

Parma Violets/Fizzers

Anyone who has ever been trick or treating will be familiar with the classic childhood sweets that are Parma Violets and Fizzers. The perfect size for throwing in your trick or treating bucket and ideal for snacking on as you go, these small packs of sherbet sweets are a real crowd pleaser.

The Parma Violets vs Fizzers debate is one that divides the nation, which one do you prefer?

Super Sour Lollies

These lollies may look simple but they’re scarily sour, making them the perfect choice for spooking your trick or treaters this Halloween!

Available in a range of colours and fruity flavours, each with an equally as shocking hit of sour flavour, these super sour lollies are the perfect addition to any Halloween sweet selection!

Fun Gums Teeth ‘n’ Toothbrush

Small packets of sweets like Fun Gums are perfect for trick or treaters as they’re easy to throw in your loot bucket and enjoy when you get home, making them a classic choice for Halloween year after year.

Teeth ‘n’ Toothbrush gums are fun foam shapes with a sweet, fruity flavour, meaning they’re enjoyed by all ages.

Halloween may be known as one of the spookiest times of the year but if you ask us, it’s simply the sweetest. We’ve got plenty of Halloween themed sweet treats to pick up that are perfect for distributing to your visitors, so check out our spooky sweet jars, hampers and more!

We hope this blog post has given you some inspiration as to what you can hand out to your trick or treaters this year but we’d love to know what sweet treats you’ve got in mind this year, so let us know on Facebook or Instagram!