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April 22nd 2018 – National Jelly Bean Day

Jelly beans originated in America many years ago, with some people claiming that mention of these colourful candies go back as far as the early 1800’s but we think it’s fair to say that these fruity flavoured sweets have stood the test of time.

Available to buy from hundreds of different brands around the world and a never-ending selection of flavours now available to choose from, we don’t think it gets better than the classic colours and fruity flavours which is why they’re the jelly beans we choose to stock here at Retro Sweet.

We have a range of jelly bean products available to buy, including a whole range of gifts that are perfect for real lovers of this colourful confectionary and seeing as today is National Jelly Bean Day, we thought we’d share with you the perfect presents to gift true jelly bean fans.


Jelly Bean Sweet Bag

Jelly Bean Sweet Bag

If you’re just looking for a little something to give as a gift to someone who has a real soft spot for jelly beans, our sweet bags are the perfect option.

Retailing at 99p for 100g of these tasty jelly sweets and coming packaged in a traditional striped paper bag, our sweet bags are a super affordable way to gift jelly beans and are perfect for younger children or occasions on a budget!

Jelly Bean Bouquet

Jelly Bean Sweet Bouquet

The ideal choice for wedding favours for jelly bean lovers tying the knot or as a sweet alternative to your traditional bouquet of flowers, our jelly bean bouquets are an affordable and thoughtful gift.

A clear cone stuffed full of jelly beans and finished perfectly with a bow, our sweet bouquets are available in two sizes and prices start as low as £2.99, perfect for when you want to give an impressive and tasty present without breaking the bank!

Jelly Bean Sweet JarJelly Bean Sweet Jar

The ultimate no-fuss way to gift jelly beans and a dream for any true fan, our jelly bean jars are plain, simple and seriously tasty!

Available in two sizes, both our 1-litre and 1.8-litre jars of jelly beans are both available with free personalisation, so you can give this already amazing gift an extra touch of the wow-factor!

The ideal gift for someone who just loves to snack on jelly beans, these jars are sure to last them a good long time and start at prices as low as £8!


Lolly May Jelly Bean TubeJelly Bean Sweet Tubes

Our jelly bean tubes are available in two different options, so there’s the perfect tube of these tasty sweets for every occasion.

Our classic jelly bean tube can be personalised with a name and stands 26cm high, filled with a variety of different coloured jelly beans, ideal for birthdays and parties.

Our Lolly May ‘Love’ jelly bean tube is ideal for the more romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Also standing around 25cm tall and available to be personalised with a name, the ‘Love’ jelly bean tube can also have a custom message added and contains just pink and white heart-shaped jelly beans for a romantic touch.


Sweet Hampers

If you’re looking for a gift for someone with a general sweet tooth but a particular preference of jelly beans, one of our sweet hampers is a perfect choice.

We have over 10 different sweet hampers here at Retro Sweet and a range of these contain jelly beans, including the classic Retro Sweet Hamper, the Old Fashioned Sweet Hamper, the Gummy Delights Hamper and the Great British Sweets Hamper.

All our hampers are packed in wicker baskets with coloured tissue paper and the majority can be personalised for free when you purchase, making them the perfect gift for any sweet lover.  

The options are endless when it comes to gifting jelly beans and what better time to give some of these classic sweeties than National Jelly Bean Day?

What would be your favourite jelly bean gift to receive? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook!