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Choosing between sweets and baked treats is practically impossible, which got us thinking that surely the best option to avoid having to make this decision is to find tasty and creative ways to incorporate retro sweets into your bakes!

We’ve got 5 delicious ways to use your favourite retro sweets in classic baking recipes to make these simple baked treats better than ever…

Lemon Sherbet Cake

Sherbet lemon sweets are a classic, almost as old school as plain and simple lemon cake, so when you pair the two together, you get something irresistibly good.

Sainsbury’s have created a recipe for a Lemon Sherbet cake, incorporating the flavour of lemon sherbet sweets in the sponge and the sweets themselves in the decoration, meaning this cake is all about that sweet and fizzy citrus flavour.

A basic sponge recipe that is brought to life with the addition of sherbet and sweets in the toppings, this is an easy show-stopping cake to impress your guests with!

Flying Saucer Cupcakes

An easy way to bring some fun and colour to the decoration of some classic vanilla cupcakes is to top them with flying saucer sweets!

The Great British Bake Off show how you can decorate a traditional Victoria sponge with buttercream and flying saucers but we think individual vanilla cupcakes topped with a single flying saucer would look effortlessly good and be the perfect choice for any party!

White Chocolate Star Brownies

Brownies are always a good idea but brownies are a simple recipe that just gets better as you add to them, so to add an extra level of chocolate to your brownies, why not incorporate some white chocolate stars?

Super easy to whip up quickly and they’ll look far more impressive than they are, make up your usual brownie recipe, pour into the tin and press in your white chocolate stars. They’ll melt as the mix bakes but will still hold their shape, creating a breath-taking finish when you pull them out the oven!

Jelly Bean Cookies

There’s no better smell than freshly baked cookies and there’s no better taste than homemade jelly bean cookies, one of our favourite baking recipes that incorporate one of the best retro sweets.

There are plenty of jelly bean cookie recipes out there and they’re hugely popular in America but we think the Taste Like Home recipe is an easy one to follow.

A basic cookie recipe with the addition of colourful jelly beans to bring your cookies to life, these biscuits cook in just 8-10 minutes and then you’ve got warm, chewy cookies to enjoy straight away!

Pick and Mix Cake

Why pick one kind of sweets to incorporate into your baking when you could have them all and make a pick and mix cake? Sounds like an ideal option to us.

The perfect solution for a sweet lovers’ birthday, a pick and mix cake is all about the décor, making it a really simple and fun bake.

Simply make a cake of your choice, we’d recommend vanilla to let the flavour of the sweets do the talking and once your cake is baked and cooled, cover with icing and decorate using your favourite pick and mix sweets!

Why choose between sweets and bakes when you could have both? With the help of these simple but super sweet recipes, you can enjoy your favourite retro sweets and your favourite baked goods all at the same time!

Do you have any go-to baking recipes that incorporate old school sweets? Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram!