Here at Retro Sweet, this is a very busy time of year – as to be expected with the upcoming festivities of Halloween and Christmas. But we are well prepared, and we want to make sure you are too! We have a wide selection of specially Halloween themed sweet treats, that are perfect for trick-or-treaters! Make sure you’re prepared for Halloween with some spook-tacular treats. 

Jelly Rats

After all, they do say that you are never more than a few yards away from a hairy rat! So these are great to give a bit of a fright to any trick-or-treaters this Halloween, but rather than running away they’ll be eager to get their teeth around these.

Fizzy Dracula Teeth

These are much better than the plastic Dracula teeth most kids are showing off at Halloween, well in our opinion anyway! These tangy and fizzy teeth are a super tasty addition to anyone’s hoard of sweets at this time of year. 

Super Sour Lollies

The perfect trick! Make them think that these are going to be a super sweet lolly, and when they get stuck into it they discover it is super sour. Even better if you can see their face when they experience it! A great way to trick your trick-or-treaters. 

Trick or Treat Bag Bundle

For the ultimate preparation, you can’t go wrong with a carefully selected sweet bag for them all. If you want to guarantee you don’t get a trick played on you for not giving the best treats, then this is the perfect solution. A bundle of 20 of our favourite spooky sweet bags for the price of 15, which means it’s 25% off the price of what it should be. AND it contains all of the favourite spooky treats we have mentioned in this post, from ghost busters popping candy, to severed fingers, jelly spiders and sour lollies! 

Whether you’re looking to keep your house stocked for trick-or-treaters or are even hosting a Halloween themed party – shop Retro Sweet’s selection of Halloween sweets and make sure you are well prepared.