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We know a thing or two about retro sweet treats here at Retro Sweet, both confectioneries that we sell and tasty treats we enjoyed back in the day that just aren’t around anymore, so we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane with this A-Z of old school sweets and chocolates!

A – Aniseed Twists

It really is the ‘marmite’ flavour of the sweet world, aniseed is a real love or hate taste but these bright red boiled sweets with a mouth-watering aniseed flavour truly are the definition of an old-school sweet.

B – Black Jacks

Carrying on with the aniseed theme, Black Jacks are a real blast from the past that kids of the 80s just can’t get enough of. These aniseed-flavoured chews are irresistibly moreish!

C – Cola Bottles

One of the most popular gummy sweets for people of all ages, cola bottles are a simple yet delicious bottle shaped sweet with a mouth-watering cola flavour that is just too good to say no to!

D – Drumstick Lollies

A classic trick or treat sweet but also an irresistible treat all year round, these milk and raspberry flavoured chewy lollies might be aimed at children but they’re loved by everyone.

E – Edinburgh Rock

There may not be many sweet treats that start with the letter ‘e’ but Edinburgh Rock is a good one! Soft and crumbly textured compared to other rocks, this traditional Scottish treat is a local delicacy!

F – Flying Saucers

Shaped like little UFOs, flying saucers are certainly out of this world! Soft shells that melt in the mouth filled with fizzy sherbet, there’s nothing not to like about a flying saucer!

G – Gob Stoppers

They may have been made famous in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but Gob Stoppers aren’t just a sweet from the films, they’re available to buy from Retro Sweet now!

H – Hubba Bubba

A childhood favourite for many, Hubba Bubba is a bubble gum of a very different kind! Available in a range of flavours and designed to be super easy to blow bubbles with.

I – Icebreakers

Made by American confectionary giants Hershey, Icebreakers are tablet shaped fruit and mint flavoured sweets that are just too good to put down!

J – Jelly Babies

No matter which colour is your favourite, jelly babies are a favourite amongst all the family with their chewy, juicy centre and sugar dusted outside.

K – Kola Cubes

The same fizzy flavour we know and love from cola bottles but in the form of a sugar-coated boiled sweet, Kola Cubes are super retro but still so good!

L – Love Hearts

Made by well-known UK based sweet makers – Swizzels, Love Hearts are the classic sherbet flavoured sweets with adorable messages that are bound to put a smile on your face

M – Mint Humbugs

They may be thought of as one of the less exciting sweet treats but we think the world simply doesn’t go round without mints! Mint humbugs are old school and seriously refreshing!

N – Nougat

Another letter that isn’t associated with many sweet treats, ‘n’ means nougat if you ask us, a super sugary treat with plenty of hidden gems such as chopped nuts and fruit!

O – Opal Fruits

If you’re one of our younger customers, you might be more familiar with Starburst sweets but you may not have known that these were known as Opal fruits back in the day!

P – Parma Violets

Another love them or hate them kind of sweet, Parma Violets have a famously floral flavour but some people just can’t get enough of them!

Q – Quality Street

There really is only one sweet treat that comes to mind when you think of the letter ‘Q’ and that’s Quality Street! One of the big 4 of the Christmas chocolate world, these tins and boxes of chocolates and toffees are a festive must have.

R – Rainbow Drops

One of the lowest calorie sweet treats you can grab, Rainbow Drops are colourful puffed rice and maize with sugar and are simply delightful!

S – Strawberry Hearts

A perfect treat for Valentine’s Day, Strawberry Hearts are fizzy and fruity gummy heart-shaped sweets that are easy for everyone to enjoy.

T – Turkish Delight

A classic confectionery from across the globe, Turkish Delight is gel-type consistency dusted with sugar and flavoured with tastes such as rose and lemon.

U – Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

One of the biggest brands of mints on the market, Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are made with just a few basic ingredients and are made in the old fashioned way for the best flavour!

V – Vanilla Fudge

Fudge might have been made pretty fancy over the years but you can’t beat the classic old-school chewy vanilla fudge we have available here.

X – ‘Xploding Candy

Having to get a little bit creative with the letter ‘x’, popping candy is often referred to as ‘exploding candy’.

Y – Yellow Belly Snakes

Many of you may not know but the childhood favourite jelly snakes with fruit flavoured gummy and foam bellies are actually known as ‘yellow belly snakes’!

Z – Zero Bar

A real old school throwback for the letter ‘Z’, Zero Bars haven’t been on the shelves for many years now but these chunky white chocolate fudge bars were well loved back in the days.

So, there you have it, sweet treats for every single letter of the alphabet and we don’t know about you but we’re pretty hungry now!

Which of the above sweets is your favourite? Let us know!