Here at Retro Sweet we are the experts on everything sweet related, you could ask us any question about the history of your favourite treats and we could tell you all about it! And that is exactly what we are here to do today, read on for more information about your favourite sweets. 

There might be a few things you didn’t realise about the retro sweets you know and love today; firstly, most of the sweets we stock here have been around for longer than even your grandparents could remember. That’s why they are the perfect gift to take a trip down memory lane with.

The origins of sweets dates back to the Egyptian times, at this time people commonly mixed fruits and nuts with honey to create a sweet flavour. Whilst during the 19th century some of the most common sweets found today were first enjoyed, including toffee, marshmallows and fudge. The Victorian era saw the mass production of sweets being made even easier.

Medicinal Sweets

In the early 1900’s aniseed and liquorice sweets were commonly known to be used for medicinal purposes, and even still these days you will find liquorice flavoured remedies for your cough and cold ailments. 

Love Hearts

First created in 1933, Love Hearts were a popular choice for children at this time heading down to the local newsagents to pick up a bag of penny sweets. And they are still a popular choice these days for people making up their collections of retro sweets for a throwback.

Did you know that during the war period from 1942 to 1953 sweets were rationed in Britain? To be exact, the 5th February 1953 was a day that many children ran to their local shops to enjoy their favourite sweet treats again!

Take a trip down memory lane today and purchase a selection of treats from Retro Sweet today!