We all have a little bit of a sweet tooth, and whether this means you go for a dessert instead of a starter whilst you are out for a meal, or you enjoy raiding the pic ‘n’ mix, or even if your habits haven’t changed much since you were nipping to the local corner shop as a child! Did you know your favourite Retro Sweet might say a lot about your personality? Keep reading to find out more!

Strawberry Hearts

These little treats are everything you could want and more out of a Retro Sweet! Lovingly created, these show you are a true romantic at heart, and really enjoy indulging in a sweet treat every now and again! 

Candy Canes

If you love Candy Canes, well it might be pretty natural to assume that you are quite a festive person too, enjoying the winter season and loving spending time with your nearest and dearest! 

Fizzy Blue Bottles

These fizzy bubble gum flavoured sweets are sure to make anyone’s mouth water, having been a firm favourite with a lot of people for many years. With hint of sourness, these certainly aren’t for the faint-hearted, meaning you must have an adventurous personality and be a little bit daring to enjoy these! 

Black Jacks

These individually wrapped pieces of chewy loveliness are iconic for their aniseed taste! Black Jacks have been available across the UK since the 1920’s, meaning that we’ve been enjoying these sweet treats for generations. If these are your favourite Retro Sweet chances are you’re a bit old fashioned at heart, and you really love a good trip down memory lane. 


Yep, we do chocolate too! If you’re not the biggest fan of sweets, (don’t worry we know there are a few people out there who aren’t!) we have a selection of chocolate treats that are perfect for you, with your big heart that means you’re a great friend, you also know just how to spend time by yourself too, obviously it involves a big box of chocolates! 

At Retro Sweet, we love hearing about our customer’s stories about their favourite sweets and what memories these evoke when they are enjoying them, why not shop our entire range of Retro Sweet’s today and take a trip down memory lane?