Some things represent the 80s to a (Mr.) T. The days of snakeskin leggings, studded belts and wild rock star hair may be behind us but you don’t need to have grown up in the 80s to be able to recognise some ace TV shows that are still popular today.

Get your popcorn and milkshake at the ready because here at Retro Sweet, we are psyched to take a trip down memory lane and dig out some old school 80s classics.

1.      Cheers


This TV show, where everybody knows your name, is arguably one of the most well-known TV shows of the 80s. Running from 1982-1993, Cheers gave midweek drinking a different meaning. As characters socialised in the famous pub and found themselves in various everyday situations, this iconic bar was a home away from home for anyone that crossed its threshold. With Diane Chambers forced to become a waitress after her fiancé jilts her at the altar, it seems to us that they clearly never tried a Retro Sweet Bouquet


2. The A-Team 


If you have never heard of B.A Baracus, Murdock, Faceman and Hannibal then you have been missing out. With its memorable theme tune and trademark costumes, The A-Team was a massive hit in the 80s. These four ex-U.S. Army Special Forces were known for being soldiers of fortune, running from the police and being generally cool on a regular basis. 


3. The Cosby Show



With its eight year run it’s easy to see why The Cosby Show would make the list. The parents were cool, they loved to dance and sing around the house but equally, their familial roles made them extremely relatable fictional characters and everybody felt like they knew the Huxtables. TV shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Everybody Hates Chris followed in the popularity of The Cosby Show


4. Star Trek: The Next Generation 



Were you a Sci-Fi fanatic in the 80s? Then you’ll definitely be familiar with Star Trek: The Next Generation. This show featured Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his 24th century adventures aboard the U.S.S Enterprise. This ran for seven years and with a crew of humans and aliens, this show averaged at 20 million viewers a week. Hands up if you think Captain Picard was a fan of Flying Saucers


5. Only Fools and Horses 



Del Boy and Rodney. Two of the most famous fictional brothers to grace our screens in the 1980s. When the siblings weren’t trying to sell questionable merchandise from Trotters Independent Traders, they were often found in the Nag’s Head Pub. Running from 1981-2003, this show had the nation in stitches with their great British humour.


Have we missed out your favourite 80s TV show on this list? Here are some more golden oldies that you might remember.