Wedding favours are a tricky one to get right, you want something that is small enough to make sure it does not overpower your table decorations whilst at the same time coming within budget and will suit all genders. Our personal favourites are definitely the edible variety, it not only allows you to get creative with the packaging and we all know your wedding day will be quite long, a little edible treat will keep your guests going through the day!

You can’t go wrong with a sweet personalised treat for your wedding guests, below are a few examples of how you can incorporate Retro Sweet wedding favours into your big day!

Love Hearts

These are often the go to sweet for wedding day favours! Love Hearts are the ideal sweet treat, as they combine a bit of fun along with a nostalgic treat for your guests to enjoy, they can be easily packaged up to look just right as part of your table set up. Don’t forget, at Retro Sweet we can personalise items to make them extra special for your big day!

Strawberry Hearts

Obviously there was always going to be a significant ‘love’ theme running through this piece, after all that is the main focus of your big day! Expressing your love to one another in front of your family and friends; and by packing up little bags or boxes of Strawberry Hearts for each guest, you can ensure your little gesture will really go a long way in making your day special for everyone to enjoy. 

Have a look around for inspiration, websites such as Etsy and Pinterest have great ideas for how to create your own wedding favours, it’s so easy to repurpose old jars for you big day and these are ideal for holding your favours. 

At Retro Sweet, we have a huge range of sweets that will make your wedding favours stand out, we can also personalise items too making them ideal for your big day! Contact us today for more information.