When it comes to Halloween, we like to think we’re experts on the subject. It’s one of our favourite times of year, and if you are looking to throw a Halloween party this year and are stuck for ideas, then look no further! Let Retro Sweet guide you through your Halloween party planning.


You might think it’s quite easy to throw a Halloween party, but even the simplest parties require planning! And if you don’t properly execute your party then your event could be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

First, it’s GOT to be a fancy dress party, of course. What better excuse to get dressed up than Halloween?


It’s not hard to decorate your house for Halloween, think anything spook-tacular, your local supermarket will stock some great products that will be ideal for creating a scary atmosphere, perfect for the ghosts and zombies that will no doubt be in attendance!

If you’re looking for something else a bit out there, you can make decorations yourself, take a look at Pinterest or Etsy for some great Halloween party decoration ideas. 

Food & Drink

Now we get in to our favourite area, food and drink is easy to do for this kind of party. Think of your favourite foods and put a twist on it! Think cocktail sausages as severed fingers with tomato ketchup as fake blood or olives and feta cheese as eyeballs. 

You can’t go wrong with a sweet table at Halloween, it’s all about the treats isn’t it! At Retro Sweet we have a range of specially selected Halloween themed sweet treats that will satisfy the sweet tooths of the scariest blood sucking vampires. From jelly rats, to super sour fizzy strawberries and even foam vampire teeth, our selection is extensive and offers some of the best products that you could fill jars and jars with and we can be sure that they’ll be a hit! 

Party Games

There are so many Halloween party games that you can play to keep the kids and adults entertained, from apple bobbing to a three-legged monster race. Why not have a competition for the best dressed too? With a spooky prize as a reward!

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