If you’ve never had shrimps, fried eggs and a fruit salad at the same time – you’ve never lived! Though the chances are you’ve just forgotten your favourite sweets from the glorious 80s.

Of course I’m talking about strawberry flavoured foam shrimps, sugary fried eggs and fruit salad chews – sweets that made you rush to your local newsagents for a 10p bag or, if you were lucky, a 2oz mix-big that contained Black Jacks, Cola Bottles and Flying Saucers, Flumps, Love Hearts and Parma Violets. It was a great time, a time when the only conundrum boys had was whether to give their Candy Necklace to the cute girl with pigtails down the street or eat it themselves, and the only conundrum girls had was to wear it forever (well until they were seven) or turn it down and wait for the boy with the pedal-powered beach-buggy to offer them his Candy Necklace.

There was nothing better than calling into the newsagents on your way home from school and settling down to watch Blue Peter with a bag of foam bananas, Danger Mouse with a Double Dip Sherbet, Scooby Doo with some Strawberry Bon Bons, or Rhubarb and Custard with ... what else ... some Rhubarb and Custards.

What’s really great now though is that the iconic sweets from the 80s are making a comeback – though they’re now known as Retro Sweets. Even better, they taste every bit as good as you remember, if not better, and kids and big-kids are enjoying them equally. The real bonus though is that you can now get them in ways you couldn’t in the 80s – because you can now order them online.

Before you do that though you might want to consider what sweets were your favourites, and maybe take a look at whether your taste is in line with the rest of the nation’s favourite sweets – top of which was the Fizzy Cola Bottle