Christmas is just around the corner which means many of us are running around like headless chickens trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. With Christmas now starting earlier and earlier each year you might find yourself in a bit of a panic with all the Christmas shopping. But do not panic, Retro Sweet are here to help.

Red Box

If you have a husband, boyfriend, fiancé, father, brother or any other male to buy for then Retro Sweet’s have put together a few gift ideas that might be able to help you out:

Book a Romantic Weekend Away

romantic weekend away

This might not be the best gift to buy for your dad or brother but for a partner it is a great option. Book into a fancy hotel, visit somewhere new and enjoy a weekend getaway in the New Year. You can even stay local but just get away from work or home for those few days.

Take the dog, take the husband, take the fiancé, take the boyfriend but maybe not all at once.

The Hobby Related Gift

If you know which hobbies your partner or relative is into then gifts relating to their interests are great.

For outdoor hobbies you can get them everything from clothing and sportswear, to binoculars or picnic food. For the sporty types you can get sportswear or equipment to really make their Christmas special. The possibilities are truly endless.

However, if you are not sure which hobbies they like then this gift might not be the best option. You don’t want them opening their gift on Christmas morning to find it is a brand new pair of swimming trunks but they are afraid of water.

Something Sweet

Her Retro Sweet Hamper

Sweets are the perfect Christmas gift to be devoured all in one go on the day or savoured for months after. With a wide range of different sweets from foam bananas, liquorice, jelly beans, love hearts or anything else, you can create the best gift from a compilation of a person’s favourite sweets.

Sweet gifts might not last long because the family might be after them as soon as they are unwrapped, but at least this means there is less Christmas present clutter for you to sort through in the New Year.

Good luck on the search for that perfect gift and if that means you end up at Retro Sweet shopping for a sweet treat, we are always happy to help!